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02 March 2020 @ 01:07 am
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This is a drama free since '93 zone, folks. add | subtract | friend | defriend at will. You don't need to tell me the whys and the wherefores. If you would like to be added back, please let me know. But if you're here just for fic, or icons, or out of sheer boredom and couldn't care less about long, heartfelt discussions on why it has been statistically proven, through an intensive deconstruction of the fanfiction writing phenomenon, that a massive amount of bad!fic is usually written for fandoms which have disproportionately attractive people, then that is fine also. Fic and icons are unlocked. Capslock usage is overly generous. Bring in all your unpopular opinions and doomed ships to the party, and I promise cheap beer and terrible love songs.
23 July 2014 @ 02:29 pm

What's Up Poster 2

So, this is basically my last post before an indefinite hiatus because RL gets really, really real this year, but damn, I am so much in love with this right now that I had to talk about it, especially because this is one of those dramas that it's nearly impossible to even hear about, for some strange reason, and the only reason I ever saw it was because I've now seen close to 60 dramas and IT'S JUST HARD TO FIND STUFF, GUYS, LET ALONE GOOD STUFF. So when someone mentioned it as "underrated" on some forum or the other, I was like, 'eh, okay, let's give it a try before the Internship of Doom starts' etc.

(Also, apart from the 'let's just give it a try', I also started watching it because Im Joo Eun and Kim Ji Won!!! I am totally a sucker for these two and they were so wasted in The Heirs (as was everyone even remotely connected with that show.))

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Let's get this straight: THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. It was written before DH or You've Fallen For Me and lost out on the market and collective memory because of ridiculous network issues. The fact that this drama is underrated makes very little sense considering how popular dramas of this category are, and considering how beautifully written and ridiculously well-acted it is in general, I'd genuinely expect it to be a lot more popular. So, the only real reason I can figure out for that is because of the various production/release related external issues, and that it's basically comprised of the K-Drama B-Team, actors who usually play the second leads (there's a lot of "Oh, It's That Guy/Girl From...") and don't have the drawing star power or idol appeal of either SUFBB or DH. However, that actor-character dynamic is a factor that probably worked for me, because the whole setting of this musical theatre undergrads trying to make it felt like they were trying to make it because of the meta casting choices. So the whole thing felt very college, when you're only dreaming of making it and the actual work you're getting done doesn't feel like it's going to get you anywhere. Further, tonally, it's very unlike a regular kdrama, which obv is a death knell in kdrama world. And and if the editing is a little abrupt, it's because it was externally messed up by the network, they legit cut down the episode length a lot, but I wouldn't have known that without actually knowing it factually (and it must have been a lot because the Fame performance from the freaking trailer doesn't make it to the actual show. I HATE THE SYSTEM). Also, it took some two years to release so all the excitement over it had died by the time it actually released, not to mention it was dropped by the major networks and then picked up by cable, all of which also adds to the 'underrated' part. And maybe because it's darker, more cynical and more off-beat than all its idol counterparts, and possibly more niche because of it.


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I didn't realize for the longest time that the title is a reference to Four Non Blondes' What's Up (maybe because I always thought that song was called What's Going On till today) even though it's used often in the drama and is a part of one of my most favorite scenes ever, and honestly, I think it's a perfect encapsulation of what I love about this drama.Trying to get up this great big hill of hope, for a destination. The theme of being trapped is established right from the outset; Doo Ri auditioning with Nora's part from A Doll's House, Tae Yi stuck in a vulnerable childlike state because of her dad's death and mother's abandonment, Do Sung forever hidden behind the stage mask and his mother's political ambitions, Jae Hun's inability to break from the past because it defines who he is in the present, Byung Gun with the excessive social anxiety created by an audience, Chae Young literally confined by her own persona. The frustration, the hope, the whole atmospheric feel of it; the complicated, confusing emotions where you're not too young to feel things you feel and yet everyone puts less value on your emotions because you're young. It's darker than most musical dramas-- You've Fallen For Me, Dream High, Shut Up! Flower Boy Band and looser, less structured, less plotted than dramas which can be considered ~objectively better and admittedly has a conclusion that is totally unresolved on a lot of angles, but it's grittier, realer because of it; not so much in story, but in emotions-- if that makes sense. Even when the things happening are predictable or incredulity-rousing, the feelings seem real. Maybe because the actors are so damn good. It's not even the Island of Misfit Toys appeal, because what this show mostly explores is that everyone is their own Misfit Toy in their own island. There's no standard of normalcy to adhere to. The naive country girl doesn't fit in as much as the cocky street rebel doesn't, the average singer doesn't fit in as much as the star doesn't, the idol doesn't fit in as much as the chaebol doesn't, the privileged princess doesn't fit in as much as the gamer girl doesn't. Nobody really fits in anywhere, and all you can really hope for in being shoved together is that your edges don't scrape people around you enough for them to leave.
14 June 2014 @ 01:33 pm
+ It has been, like, a week since I started The 100 and shipping Raven/Bellamy harder than I have anything in recent times and now I already have so much fic! and icons! almost exclusively because of my flist. HAVE I MENTIONED LATELY THAT I ADORE YOU GUYS MADLY? (Also it is secretly making me ridiculously happy that about 60% of the prompts at The 100 Ficathon are Raven/Bellamy. Like.)

+ So, there's this weird thing that I just cannot understand. Someone commented on AO3 on a Reply 1997 fic that I wrote a long time back for the kdrama ficathon, and I looked at it again, and it's statistics make no sense to me? It's literally fourth in my hit-count list. That's not to say it has many kudos or comments or anything, because those- proportionately- are very low. But I went through the list of other fic for the fandom and it has about two thousand hits over the next fic. Honestly, that is kind of insane. And inexplicable.

Also, when that AO3 stats meme was going around, I just looked them up for fun. And another thing that makes no sense is this Narnia RPF that I wrote a long time back being third in my hit-count list. And nearly twenty five hundred hits over the next fic in the entire category. Again not a reflection on the kudos or comments or anything of the sort. Again, absolutely random.

The point being that I knew that there are very very low chances of anyone searching for fics in those fandoms (as is proportionately reflected by the hit-count of other fic in those fandoms for the same ships-- and for the record, we're talking about really good fic, way better than mine) and so I was really surprised by my own comparative stats amongst my fic and figured that I had misjudged the interest in those fandoms, is why I went to check it out because of how odd it was. And, nope, my hypothesis was right. Those stats make no sense. IT IS ODD. IT'S BOT LEVELS ODD. And now these ridiculous numbers are really bothering me, for no reason other than I like things to make sense, and this honestly just doesn't. I can't think of any plausible reason for the why. I can't even say that it must be people who've subscribed to me clicking on anything I write, because these two fics are at the top of my own hit counts list. They're beating out fandoms like Veronica Mars and Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games on my list, and they're nowhere near a reflection of the fandoms that they otherwise belong to.


+ I need to go on a long hiatus, this year is killer. It's make-or-break now, folks.
09 June 2014 @ 07:52 am
So fluffyfrolicker is hosting the mortals shall bow; a multi fandom women comment ficathon and I AM BASICALLY MAKING EVERYONE WRITE ME RAVEN/BELLAMY FIC AS THEY SHOULD. And clearly I am surrounded by people I do not deserve, because they've actually done it to. PLZ READ ASAP.

upupa_epops: False Dichotomy, The 100, R. Raven/Bellamy(/Clarke), I pity the woman who will love you / when I am done. She will show up / to your first date with a dustpan / and broom, ready to pick up all the pieces / I left you in.

kwritten: what's so dangerous about a look in the dark? | 100 | (b)raven | pg13 | i am giving you the entire story. you have already leafed through my pages. you have seen the whole show. your approval is not my concern.

upupa_epops: This Is Earth, The 100, NC-17, Raven/Bellamy, NC-17. just the kind of girl you wanted, all hungry and hurt and needing.

But sometimes I get taken in by my own tricks. CURSE YOU, MARTA.

the complete guide to insufficiency
the 100. indefinite period post 1x11. raven/bellamy, unrequited raven/finn, clarke, octavia. r
But then again, there’s nowhere to go, really. Not here.
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06 June 2014 @ 03:01 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHI. \o/ Dedicated to your flawless totally correct choices. Also, I am much lmao@Bob Morley clearly shipping the hell out of Raven/Bellamy. Also, I must be certifiable. No more fic ever. I don't have a Bellamy POV planned which needs to hopefully be better because Raven-from-the-outside. And I just can't understand it, there is no fic for them AT ALL and are you fucking kidding me right now, fandom. I know only, like, two people are interested in this, but then again, I've also written jihoo/jandi and sebastian/rachel/blaine fic, and, well.

caught up in your love affair
the 100. indefinite period post 1x11. raven/bellamy, unrequited raven/finn, finn, clarke. r
Sleeping with Bellamy was strange in a way that sleeping with Finn isn’t.
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04 June 2014 @ 01:49 pm
I cannot even with how much Bob Morley looks like Milind Soman. I was all have I seen this guy somewhere, WHY IS HE SO FAMILIAR, TILL I REMEMBERED:

ff2 ff1

they might not look that alike in these, especially since the quality is shit, but sometimes the mannerisms are uncanny, like I constantly have to double-take.
I have written eight fics in a week. eight.

I am never getting over anything, anything, ever.

Also, I didn't initially realize this but it's:

[spoiler.]You're out of my life, forever.

bookended with:

Come back to me. Always.

excuse me while i go jump off something. [but I have seen nearly every city from a rooftop without jumping. we were never tragedies, we were emergencies.]

Also, I've been very :s about some of the movie reviews that I feel completely miss the entire point of the movie; [especially ones like this, which I wrote a long reply to that I'm posting here] and have this inexplicable idea that Veronica coming back is a step down and not 'feminist enough' and Veronica is giving up her entire life for a boy which, what even.

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Oh, and in this regard, I then came across a v. interesting interview with Rob, which I think is enlightening (and honestly, I LOVE how clear-eyed the show is about Veronica.) and adds to the point about Veronica's POV Veronica Mars' POV

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I just made a few icons and didn't want to make a separate post for it, so *kanye shrug*. also, omg, I didn't realize quite how shadow/light the movie was till now. ALSO, I have to say, the vmars ficathon was the most fun I've had in the longest time and everyone who participated or wrote fic is epic the end. (Like, the quality of fic is insane. GO READ ETC.) And Logan/Veronica = OTP of OTPs #noregrets #whyamiusinghashtags

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no rest for the wicked.
veronica movie. veronica/logan, keith, mac, wallace, dick. pg-13
She doesn't so much as get a Welcome Back, Veronica brochure detailing how to do adulthood in your childhood home in seven easy steps! Which seems a gross oversight on the universe's part, if you ask her.
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