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17 August 2013 @ 11:05 am
Doramathon: The Asian Fandoms Comment Ficathon  

omg how is this a thing that i am doing, but nothing ventured etc.:



01. Fic. But no, really.

02. This ficathon is open to all Asian fandoms, which means prompts for Kpop, Jpop and whatever you may wish, are also allowed apart from the KDramas, JDramas, TDramas etc.
Crossover with western shows if that gets you going (actually, now there's an idea.) Spam prompts for Indian soaps if you so want, 20-year-leaps and all. It's all cool.

03. One prompt per comment please.

04. Prompt as much as you want. It is a truth universally acknowledged, where there is a fandom there are people searching for fic for it.

05. While this is primarily a ficathon, we're all sasaeng fans
here for the Asia love, so in THIS thread convert people to your fan-religion feel free to post any other items of interest; videos, interviews, gifs, lists of Totally Objective Reasons why your particular show/ship/group is Totally Objectively The Best, your biases doing the most adorkably embarrassing gwiyomi. Idol worship with impunity \o/

06. Social mores and morality has no place in this degenerate bar. Anything goes. Any and all ship/kinks allowed; RPF, slash, gen, het, incest, whatever floats your boat. LOVE IS LOVE ETC.

07. Please add all filled prompts to the thread that very originally says Filled Prompts below. Try and follow the order as such: name-fandom-ship-rating-prompt.

08. If you know of an existing fic that seems to fit a prompt, feel free to rec it here to the prompter concerned.

09. If you so desire, pimp this on your journals, using the link below for the html code :D

10. If you are proficient in banner making/graphics/just want to show your bias has a face, you can post other banners here or just use your own.

11. Write! Write! Write! These fandoms are ridiculously lacking in fic and it is a travesty if there ever was one.

More prompts = more prompts to choose from = more writers interested = more fic . /this post requires mathematical expertise y'all.


been a fool for lesser things | shut up! flower boy band | hyunsoo/yaerim
when I close my eyes it's like you're really next to me.

this is how you make meaning | reply 1997 | joon hee/yoon jae (/shi won)
there's a ghost in my lungs... it walks with my legs to fall, to fall, to fall at your feet.

do not choose sides yet | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il)
you are a princess or you aren’t. you are pure at heart or you aren’t.

we have not touched the stars | reply 1997/shut up! flower boy band | joonhee/hyunsoo
there's a new boy in Joonhee's class, a boy like a live wire.

whispers of the spinner | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/do il)
you are a princess or you aren’t. you are pure at heart or you aren’t.

with urgency but not with haste | shut up! flower boy band | hyunsoo/yerim/suah/jihyuk
Lee Hyunsoo lives with three ridiculous people, and all of them cause him endless consternation.
youcallitwinter: we pass just close enough to touchyoucallitwinter on August 19th, 2013 01:25 pm (UTC)
do not choose sides yet | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il) | 1/2

One of these days, consider this: you are expendable. You are expendable and he is beautiful. Create facts out of myths. Imagine this is a fairy tale and you are beautiful too. Imagine there is a prince named Ji Hyuk. Imagine that he sings. He sings, and you stand by, silent, because he has song enough for the both of you and your voice doesn't harmonize right. But that is okay, because your feelings are louder than words.

There is a kiss-- fairy tales have rules, and there is a kiss. There is a kiss in the rules. Rule #37: there is a kiss. There is a kiss, but that is later. There is love, but that is later. There is the waiting now. You will stare at his lips now, and you will wait.


Later, there is a dragon, there is a dragon, or there is a metaphor. There is fame, there is underground music that permeates through the reinforced concrete. There are crowds, there are crowds of women, and they all have big eyes. They all have beautiful hair. There is the slip of someone's hair under your finger tips, and there is the monotony of the scissors. Snip, snip, snip, the strands on the ground don't belong to you, they belong to no one anymore. The princess cuts off her long hair and no one knows it's her. The princess cuts the hair of anyone who enters the door and has money enough, and the story shifts, tilts on the axis, but the dragon still guards the treasure. The dragon guards the treasure, because that is what dragons do, doesn't let the maidens with the beautiful hair and the wide-eyes through, because where is your goddamn ticket?

You are the dragon. But that's okay, frogs and beasts become princes. There is true love's kiss and the scales come off and the princess blushes from inside the mask. Rule #63. You know this. You can be the dragon, that's okay, he still gets to be the hero.


How To Be A Good Girl: you can sacrifice. You can leave early from work. Leave the manager shouting curses behind you and half a day's pay. Leave the hair on the ground and sticking between your fingers and forget to switch off the light and buy food off money you don't have and give it as penance for love. You can give it as a bribe to a man in exchange for his love, but we don't call it that in this town. There are words which mean the same, and they are all sacrifice. You can be the dragon, and you can be the mother, and you can be the family, and you can be. You can wait. This is a love story. The Good Girls get the prince. Be good. Be better.


Or be beautiful. Be the girl on a rooftop house of three days. There are three days of beauty and three years of goodness, but you don't own a wristwatch and you don't keep time. Neither does he, apparently.

Enter with your head down, leave your pride on the ground with the hair, this has nothing to do with fulfillment. You can blame the rooftop, and the stars that shine too close from there, and the beautiful view from high above, and the girl with the big eyes. Blame the girl with the big eyes. Don't blame him. Don't blame him, because he will come back. Don't blame him, because he will come back to you.
youcallitwinter: with pretty-eyed boys girls die to trustyoucallitwinter on August 19th, 2013 01:42 pm (UTC)
do not choose sides yet | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il) | 2/2

An interlude, then: a period of comfort on the shoulder of the friend. Do not role-cast him yet, he is too silent for the stage, but the movement of his hand is rhythmic as he hits the skin of the drum, and you would like to hit out too, you would like to scream. You think it would be satisfying.

(Whatever you do, do not tell anyone that.)


Someone tells you a story. It is your mother and she tells you the moral first: be a lady. Be good, men like women who are strong, and silent and ladylike and good. She tells you the moral, but she forgets to tell you the story. She forgets to define goodness. And you sometimes forget to remember. And you are louder each time he pushes you away. Play with the hands you're dealt. Don't cheat. Don't three years mean anything to you?

Then he comes running when you're in trouble, and you cry, and you cry, and his shirt is soaked, but he is still solid under your cheek, the fabric rough against your skin. It itches. And you think this is still that story you ought to know. So what if you never really knew it, you can make it up as you go along, if only he'll take his cues from you. But he's center-stage and he's lost in the limelight, and he has four people up on the stage, and then he has three, and then he is alone. Then he is lost.

Then he is found. Your mistake was you forgot to search and he was found by the princess. You're a princess or you aren't.


Second iteration of the interlude: this is not about loneliness. Don't make meaning when he looks at you and smiles. Don't make meaning from the bruise on his skin and the insistent brush of his lips. You're allowed to take in the eye candy, but don't taste. Run, if you must. Shut the door and lean against it or fall to the ground; consider the options. Exhale.


Letting go in three easy steps:

Let go.

Fucking let go.

Fucking let go you fucking moron, he's in love with someone else.

Love someone else.

Don't wait.

Move on.

Let go.

Don't wait.


His teeth clash against yours, and your skin is stretched taut, heart drumming a staccato beat. He is good with drums. He is good with the pounding and the noise and the rush of blood. The pool table is pushed against the wall and you are pushed against the pool table. Imagine his hair is soft, imagine it is softer than most people's, imagine you know. Imagine you know the cold end of a phone and the salt of grief, imagine you know loneliness, imagine you know love, imagine you know a mirror and it doesn't talk. Imagine it shows you your reflection and it works by physics. There are rules, like you can do anything if you have a pure enough heart and don't fall for the boy with the long hair and the sad eyes and who is the fairest of them all? You are not beautiful. You are not good. The table leaves a mark on your lower back.

His hand under your skirt, then. You've overshot the story. You are pure or you are a whore. You are a princess or you aren't.


Consider: you are in love.

Imagine this is a fairy tale. Spread your legs wider. Now imagine this isn't.
Lirazel: [sufbb] lost boyspenny_lane_42 on August 19th, 2013 03:12 pm (UTC)
Re: do not choose sides yet | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il) | 2/2

This kills me.
youcallitwinter: you meat eateryoucallitwinter on August 19th, 2013 04:00 pm (UTC)
Re: do not choose sides yet | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il) | 2/2

Thankings <3
ever_neutral: [thg] gale + katniss = myselfever_neutral on August 19th, 2013 04:02 pm (UTC)
Re: do not choose sides yet | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il) | 2/2

Had enough of your bullshit, Zoe.
youcallitwinter: stranger than your sympathy.youcallitwinter on August 19th, 2013 04:12 pm (UTC)
Re: do not choose sides yet | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il) | 2/2

This is pretty much revenge for enabling me. Because I am truly an awful person and you egg me on.
(Deleted comment)
youcallitwinter: and sometimes things fall apart.youcallitwinter on August 19th, 2013 06:32 pm (UTC)
Re: do not choose sides yet | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il) | 2/2
I do love her so, and I'm glad so many people also do :D Thank you! (And you should def attempt it still, if it interests you!)
gemma: elementary; sherlock and moriartycranmers on August 22nd, 2013 12:48 pm (UTC)
Re: do not choose sides yet | shut up! flower boy band | woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il) | 2/2
Oh my fucking God.

This is... one of my favourite fics ever, I was actualfax tripping on it the whole time, tbh. Just, W-T-F you have a crazyfaced talent for story-telling and it never ever, ever fails to blow my mind.

P.S One of the best last lines EVAAARRRR!!!!

P.P.S Errrmmmm I didn't think it was pretentious? I thought it was 100% faithful to the, sort of, Siken-backbone and was amazing and brilliant and borrowed from two places and fused them perfectly, you know? Then again I used to troll the internetz for Shakespeare fanfiction so IDK what pretentious is.