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Poco is hosting the third session of the delightful Unusual Opinions Amnesty Post a.k.a. the one where you get to say unpopular fandom things and don't get lynched or meta-ed down or told that your opinions are the wrongest opinion that ever wronged and you should go take recluse under the ocean with the phytoplankton because you are a miserable excuse for a human being i.e. the general fandom thing. GO AND FEEL INCLUDED, GUYS.

So, I stick to negative space and crops and never venture out of that comfort zone, especially because of the no-editing-software thing, but I had this sudden urge for color and pseudo-complex icons, so I used TWO online editors and you get a criminal overuse of texture. And I'm posting this because I've wasted enough time on it and if I don't post it, I'll probably spend all of tomorrow doing this as well. THESE TOOK SO LONG, I AM GOING TO DO THE COMFORT ZONE THING NOW. Also, I saw the first episode of Dream High (and then was forced to stop because my cousin closed my tabs and my internet speed is dismal at the moment) and am watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band (on episode 8, bitches. I like EVERYONE. I even like the antagonist till now because he's hot. Myungsoo is the cutest. I want to pet him and possibly make-out with him what). I haven't seen any western show in over a month. Korea, what are you doing to me? ANYHOW, I hope these work for someone, although omg, it just struck me why am I making icons when LJ is so dead :s

[75] ICONS : [50] Fandom + [25] Alternates/Others

[4] Game of Thrones + [21] The Vampire Diaries + [10] Once Upon A Time + [4] Angel + [6] Community
+ [14] Veronica Mars + [11] Boys Over Flowers + [2] Buffy The Vampire Slayer +  [2] Kim Hyun-Joong


fin15 fff6 ff3 fff5
fff28 fff26 fff32 fff25

game of thrones |  the vampire diaries
fff1 fff22 fff4 fff2 fff5
the vampire diaries | once upon a time
fff8 fff6 fff15 fff7 fff29
once upon a time | veronica mars
fff26 ff3 fff3.1 fff13 fff14
veronica mars
fin5 fff10 fff19 fff9 fin17
veronica mars | angel | boys over flowers
fin1.png fff17 fff16 ff5 ff6.png
  boys over flowers | buffy the vampire slayer | community
6 fff32 ff5 fff20 fff27
community | kim hyun-joong
fff28 ff1 fff24 fff23 103

ANIMATED: The Vampire Diaries + Veronica Mars

2 11 9 6 7
fin6 Fin5 fin15 fin13 Fin4
8 s3 2 10 ff4


3 6 33 43 46
fff18 80 ff3 81 fff3
7 4 youcallitwinter f2 5
ff4 1 88 21 56
77 fff31 94 24 3
12 31 1 fff11 2

+ Please comment and credit if taking. + Please do not hotlink.
+ If you want to edit for personal use, like exposure or color or something, go ahead!
Tags: actor: kim hyun joong, annie is totally not okay okay, fandom: angel the series, fandom: buffy the vampire slayer, fandom: community, fandom: game of thrones, fandom: kdrama: boys over flowers, fandom: kdrama: shut up flower boy band, fandom: the vampire diaries, fandom: veronica mars, i spam therefore i am, icon make puns, icons, icons: angel the series, icons: animated, icons: buffy the vampire slayer, icons: community, icons: game of thrones, icons: kdrama: boys over flowers, icons: once upon a time, icons: the vampire diaries, icons: veronica mars, in soviet russia post tags you, john hughes didn't pen your life story, machiavelli was not machiavellian, patron saint of doomed ships, ship: damon/elena, ship: jeff/annie, ship: ji hoo/jan di, ship: logan/veronica, the brat pack is my legit angsty bff
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