youcallitwinter (youcallitwinter) wrote,

doramathon [take two]: the second asian fandoms comment ficathon

i disclaim all responsibility. blame alex and eleonore for their insidious incepting prowess.



01. Fic. But no, really.

02. This ficathon is open to all Asian fandoms, which means prompts for K-pop, J-pop and whatever you may wish, are also allowed apart from the K-Dramas, J-Dramas, T-Dramas etc.
Crossover with western shows, if that gets you going (actually, now there's an idea.) Spam prompts for Indian soaps if you so want, 20-year-leaps and all. It's all cool.

03. One prompt per comment please.

04. Prompt as much as you want. It is a truth universally acknowledged that if it exists, people want fic for it.

05. While this is primarily a ficathon, we're all sasaeng fans
here for the Asia love, so in THIS thread convert people to your fan-religion feel free to post any other items of interest; videos, interviews, gifs, lists of Totally Objective Reasons why your particular show/ship/group is Totally Objectively The Best, your biases doing the most adorkably embarrassing gwiyomi. Why people who haven't watched your favorite drama have only existed and not lived till now. Idol worship with impunity \o/

06. Social mores and morality has no place in this degenerate bar. Anything goes. Any and all ship/kinks allowed; RPF, slash, gen, het, incest, whatever floats your boat. LOVE IS LOVE ETC.

07. Please add all filled prompts to the thread that very originally says
Filled Prompts below. Try and follow the order as such: name-fandom-ship-rating-prompt.

08. If you know of an existing fic that seems to fit a prompt, feel free to rec it here to the prompter concerned.

09. If you so desire, pimp this on your journals, using the link below for the html code :D

10. If you are proficient in banner making/graphics/just want to show your bias has a face, you can post other banners here or just use your own.

11. Write! Write! Write! These fandoms are ridiculously lacking in fic, which is the dictionary definition of travesty. Honestly, it doesn't matter even if just five or six people participate, it's just fun to add to fandom!

More prompts = more prompts to choose from = more writers interested = more fic . /this post requires mathematical expertise y'all.


all your perfectly delivered lies | rpf | deepika/ranbir
the fact is: the person who is more in love, loses.

the thirty-eighth parallel | heirs | eunsang/youngdo
she cuts her hair in winter; he hadn't even realized he was still looking.

you must atone some | boys over flowers | ji hoo/jan di
geum jan di. she's resilient. like grass. like a weed. that's a bad analogy, that's a common analogy.

tainting purity is unforgivable | rpf | deepika/ranbir
you can tell stories about me to your kids, when you want them to know about the wrong people to love.

wolf in sheep's clothing | no such thing as nice guys | han jae hee
oh man the best is when a dude is like "you're not wife material." fucking good. i want to be totalitarian dictator material; blood sucking life ruiner material; fucking bulletproof immortal drug lord material. not your fucking wife material.
Tags: and morgan freeman, and the world spins madly on, comment fic, comment ficathon, comment recathon, drama, fanfiction, fanon is the new canon bitches, fic that should exist already, follow the yellow brick road, freud probably has a theory on it, friendship is the best ship, how's that for evolution?, i am the hero of this story, i can haz fic?, i don't even anymore, i eat boats for breakfast, i love everyone in this bar, i spam therefore i am, i'm kindasorta glad the world didn't end, in capitalist america bank robs you, in its essentiality a tragedy, in soviet russia post tags you, jesus am i actually shipping this?, john hughes didn't pen your life story, machiavelli was not machiavellian, rec: fanfiction, second lead syndrome-ing like a boss, so this is a thing that exists, the brat pack is my legit angsty bff, this is love story goddammit, this show broke me trufax, why the world should have ended in 2012, you could be my epic love, you're just a line in a song

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