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get out while you're young | the veronica mars movie post

GUYS. I SO BADLY WANT TO TALK THAT THIS IS NOW PRIMARILY A CELEBRATION POST. SO ALL THE THOUGHTS AND ANGST AND GIFS ARE WELCOME. And this is also a ficathon because it's Veronica Mars and all she wants is everything. The way that works is that prompt if you want, but just talk if you want, I need my fix of vmars in any form. write meta if you will. icon if you want. just about anything.

(Marta is a life-ruiner, she ruins lives. she's the one who told me to do this so go blame her for global warming and everything in between.)



- the first rule of fight club.

- one prompt per comment.

- prompts can be related to anything in vmars, i.e. including the show and not merely the movie because there's just so much ground to explore. this is to celebrate the movie because apparently having your heart ripped out warrants celebration; who woulda thunk.

- tl;dr prompt for anything vmars basically.

- but since this is movie-related, there shall be spoilers in the comments; fair warning.

- Post your fills to the FILLED PROMPTS section below. fill for your own prompts if you so wish because we are all WAY more invested in the fic than how well we can keep to prompts.

- If you so desire, pimp this on your journals, using the link below for the html code.

- please write me fic. i need this. i'm an addict.



youcallitwinter | how to hold your breath underwater | movie canon | logan/veronica/piz
everyone else isn’t you. it turns out that’s a huge problem for me.

kwritten | let's keep count; one plus one is three | post movie | weevil/veronica/logan
i ended up falling in love with the moon, because it faithfully showed up, night after night.

upupa_epops | spanning continents | post movie | veronica/logan
what i want is for you to stand there, in your effity white uniform with that harvard mouth, and show me some fucking courtesy.

kwritten | irregular heartbeats | movie canon | logan/veronica
let's take the long way home.

unoshot | moebius (or, how i learned to stop worrying and love the navy) | post movie | logan/veronica
come back to me. always.

upupa_epops | hanging | movie canon | logan/veronica
you can have my absence of faith.

youcallitwinter | down on the corner of first and amistad | post movie | logan/veronica
lover, please do not fall to your knees.

care_says | three emails sent across continents. (and possibly five text messages.) | post movie | logan/veronica
"So when do I qualify for some porn?" Logan asks, leaning in close to the screen.

kwritten | smile, the end is nigh | movie canon: neptune high class of 2006 | gia, logan, dick, mac, madison, veronica, weevil
everyone in this room got here somehow and everyone in this room will have to leave.

theviolonist | these are just ghosts that broke my heart before i met you | movie canon | logan (/veronica)
a true war story is never moral.

youcallitwinter | no true war story is ever moral | alternate universe: world war ii (movie spoilers) | logan/veronica
"you know how some people plan weddings, honeymoons, housing schemes- I planned a lifetime of getaway cars with you."

fairy_tale_echo | 14 Days | post movie | logan/veronica
these are the two weeks they had.

igrockspock | five stages of grief | movie canon | piz/veronica(/logan)
it's hard to be in love with someone who is in love with someone else.

unoshot | untitled | post movie | veronica(/logan)
When he leaves, it's all at once. The ocean swallows him.

igrockspock | the ones who tired to keep on living. | movie canon | gia, carrie, cobb, dick.
we are the guilty ones, the ones who tried to keep on living.

theviolonist | the atlantic was born today. | post movie | logan/veronica
"Our idyllic future involved a lot more white beaches in a significantly warmer hemisphere and sex marathons and a lot less baby talk."

youcallitwinter | don't give your lover up tonight. | movie canon | logan(/veronica)
if I go missing, don’t you worry for me, I’m just writing my side of the story

igrockspock | life goes on. | post movie | logan/veronica, keith
Veronica sends snarky text messages across the ocean and tries to avoid talking to her father about anything that actually matters.

youcallitwinter | no rest for the wicked. | post movie | logan/veronica, keith, mac, wallace, dick
She doesn't so much as get a Welcome Back, Veronica brochure detailing how to do adulthood in your childhood home in seven easy steps! Which seems a gross oversight the universe's part, if you ask her.

theviolonist | 11. don't kiss trainwrecks. | movie canon | logan/veronica/piz
[i'm not their hero but that doesn't mean, that i wasn't brave] In which Stosh Piznarski fucks a bachelor, finds a home, takes a redeye to Neptune, California, learns to surf, and falls in love, not necessarily in that order.

igrockspock | on and off and on again. | post movie | weevil
Weevil puts his life together and watches it fall apart again.

youcallitwinter | get out while you're young. | post movie | veronica, piz, wallace, mac, weevil, keith, logan
[Life after in five snapshots.] Having Veronica back is kind of like- like entering an alternate timeline. Everything looks the same on the surface, sure, but then you hear Mad Men got cancelled after the first season, and it's like, oh.

youcallitwinter | you moved to montreal to be closer to france. | post movie | veronica/logan
She sometimes thinks of calling him up and saying, the ocean is starting to look affordable to me now, and isn’t that stupid.

upupa_epops | happiness hit her. | post movie | veronica/logan
the sins of the father.

youcallitwinter | september ends. | post movie | veronica/logan
“You’re still talking,” she notes, “don’t you have any setting that’s ‘vibrate only’?”
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