March 2nd, 2020

modern times.

some kind of white noise.

meet me at the bar

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This is a drama free since '93 zone, folks. add | subtract | friend | defriend at will. You don't need to tell me the whys and the wherefores. If you would like to be added back, please let me know. But if you're here just for fic, or icons, or out of sheer boredom and couldn't care less about long, heartfelt discussions on why it has been statistically proven, through an intensive deconstruction of the fanfiction writing phenomenon, that a massive amount of bad!fic is usually written for fandoms which have disproportionately attractive people, then that is fine also. Fic and icons are unlocked. Capslock usage is overly generous. Bring in all your unpopular opinions and doomed ships to the party, and I promise cheap beer and terrible love songs.