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11 June 2011 @ 06:32 pm
The Salvatore Italian Connect aka I spend too much time thinking of fictional shows.  
*raises hand* I have a question, miss.

First things first, HAI THERE SHINY NEW PEOPLE, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" [brought to you by: Casablanca Has A Quote For Every Occasion]

So I've been browsing around tvd fic and I've come to realize that whenever the Salvatores decide to take a vacation or run off with their significant others, (mostly Elena or Caroline, but that's probably because of my filter settings, heh) it is generally always to Italy. Italy is also usually described as 'home'. Also, Damon has a tendency of speaking Italian whenever he's in the throes of passion. I've read this stuff so often that I'm beginning to think it's probably a part of the large, unwritten, Fandom Canon Rule Book. And oddly enough, I made that same connection at the end of one of my fics where Caroline decides to go to Italy. And although I never asserted an actual link between the decision and the Salvatore brothers, I did, in fact, have it in mind. 

I'm trying to remember- did the show explicitly state that Damon and Stefan were from Italy? I can understand that they're probably of Italian descent from their father's side (he's called 'Giuseppe Salvatore' after all), but have they ever really lived in Italy or anything? I can't figure out whether it's a show-thing or it's a carry-over from the books. But then again, in the books, they were born in Italy. Specifically, Florentine Italy during the Renaissance (LIKE, HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT? Who doesn't want to have been alive then?), and so the name 'Salvatore' ("Salvatore, as in savior") and the tendency to lapse into Italian makes sense. But as far as I'm aware, in the show, both of them were born in Nineteenth Century America in Mystic Falls and didn't really move out of it (in fact I think Mystic Falls seems to be the kind of town which most people want to leave and don't know how to). 
I'm probably overthinking it, but after the twentieth or so odd fic with this trope, I got genuinely curious.
Here, have some random purple icons. (Although Caroline behind bars makes my heart hurt D:).

11 x 1 : Stefan Salvatore
17 x 1 : Katherine Pierce
11 x 1 : Jenna Sommers
13 x 1 : Elena Gilbert
12 x 1 : Damon Salvatore
05 x 1 : Bonnie Bennett
21 x 1 : Caroline Forbes

(whoa, those are some odd numbers)


- Please comment and credit if taking.
- Please do not edit or hotlink.
- Enjoy :D
wheatear: [tvd] get in the carwheatear on June 11th, 2011 01:22 pm (UTC)
Kind of! There's an early episode of Season 1, I forget which one, where Stefan appears in Elena's house to make her dinner and she comments about him being a good cook. He says, "Italian roots demand it." (...I can quote this show verbatim, I probably also spend too much time thinking about it.) So evidently their family originated from Italy, hence the name Salvatore, but whether they were born there or not, I don't know. It's possible they could have migrated to the USA when Damon and Stefan were children.

This was also a long-winded way of saying hello! :3
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 11th, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC)
Haha, wow, that's some memory! But yeah, I can quote a lot too, so :s (seriously, this show just takes over your brain D:) Although they've changed the background for almost every character. I do firmly believe however, that the Italian connect is just to add to the hotness- 'oh, it's not enough that we've signed on Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, let's also make them Italian and good cooks'. Because men who can cook well, dayum.
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tbt93: sexy when wettbt93 on June 11th, 2011 02:47 pm (UTC)

WOW! theses icons are awesome,thanks so much for making and sharing, I snagged a few and I will credit you as soon as I get more userpic space I have seemed to run out already:)

And I think Damon and Stefan were born in Itaily, but I'm not sure if you really wna tto find out you can ask my Mom angelus2hot she nows evrything there is to now about Damon and Stefan , She's a big fan!:)
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 11th, 2011 04:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much! THE ICON LIMIT SUCKS. It's so stupid that I sit around making hundreds of icons and I can't even use more than fifteen at a time D:

You're friends with your mom on LJ? I can't stress enough, just how cool that is. Pretty amazing, considering I hide all fandom stuff from the 'rents!
pipsapplepips16 on June 11th, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
Sorry for just jumping in cause even though I'm only vaguely acquainted with this fandom, your entry bought something to mind.

Remember all the Mills and Boons you've read? Though there is a fair section of regular heroes there are also quite a few Mediterranean heroes. Canon seems to provide the base as somewhat Italian and Fanon builds upon it by further romanticizing it cause, all those M&B's seem to hint that Mediterranean heroes are more passionate, sensual etc,etc. Also, Damon seems to fit in more with the archetype of an Mediterranean hero. I remember reading in plenty of books, the heroes using gratuitous Spanish/Italian/ French whatever when in the throes of passion or just in general cause the author wants to establish that they are of that nationality.

I think I got away from the point. Anyways, I think the Italian trope used maybe cause it adds flavour and makes it sexier so to speak.:)

Also, I love the purple and brown tones of the icons. They look very moody and intense. I like no.27 the best. The person in that looks super pretty. :)
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 11th, 2011 04:35 pm (UTC)
DO YOU WATCH? YOU SHOULD! It does have a lot of gratuitous 'cool' vampire stuff (and shirtless scenes, but who's complaining), but the plot and the characters are actually pretty compelling, it sort of gets you invested in everyone, which sucks almost as much as it rocks.

Haha, that's exactly what I thought (although I didn't make the M&B connect and I read so many of those!), they can cook- if that isn't supposed to make them hot, I don't know what is. And Mills and Boons are obsessed with exotic locations and heroes, especially their Greek Tycoons, heh. Damon doesn't speak Italian on the show, but in fic, it's like game on.

Thank you so much, Nina's gorgeous! Although Caroline (the blonde) is easiest to icon (and easiest to ship for some reason!)
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wiccabuffy: TVD - Alaric Cheers animatedwiccabuffy on June 11th, 2011 04:53 pm (UTC)
Nice to see JENNA icons!!!!!
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 11th, 2011 04:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Sara Canning is so gorgeous, still can't believe they killed her off D:
(Deleted comment)
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 11th, 2011 07:09 pm (UTC)
Heyy! Quick reply :D Haha, yeah, I have read the books, which is why I wrote the post because I can understand that they're Italian in the books since they were born in Florence during the Renaissance, but that's not true of the show, so I was wondering where the Italian "connect", so to speak, lay. The show is so, so different! I read them AFTER having seen the show and it was like an entirely different thing altogether! Even the major characters, including Elena, are not the same at all, either in looks or characterization. Only Stefan and Damon have the same traits. *secret* I do love the books, as filled with purple prose as they are D: And I loved the Damon/Elena in the last few!

Thanks so much! I hope you can find something you want in the icons :D

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eowyn_315: Damon squintyeowyn_315 on June 11th, 2011 07:54 pm (UTC)
Heh, I came for the icons, but to answer your question... I've always assumed that they were born and raised in Mystic Falls but had Italian ancestry. If they'd been born in Italy, wouldn't they - or at least their father - have had an Italian accent? (I can buy that the brothers have lost it after 150 years, or that they came to America when they were little so they didn't develop one, but Giuseppe doesn't really have an excuse.)

I dunno, I have an Italian family, and the Salvatores... they don't seem very Italian? My grandmother was born here, but she still drops random Italian words into conversation (mostly unrepeatable ones, lol) - you'd expect more of that if they'd come from Italy. But other than the name and that one reference to Stefan's cooking, you'd never know they were anything other than American. And even I reference my "Italian roots" when it comes to food. :)
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 12th, 2011 11:08 am (UTC)
Ohh, I must have accidentally linked the comm's to the post, instead of the cut, didn't mean to do that!

There's something so amazing about being Italian, haha, I suppose I've grown a lot on romantic fiction :P And Italian food is absolutely divine and my favorite cuisine w/o a doubt. And I suppose as a person with Italian roots, you're in a good position to judge the Salvatore ancestry. And I do think the author and the show both use that trope because it's...sexy? I don't know, exotic heroes are a romantic trope and if the Salvatores can cook brilliant food because of their heritage, well, more the power to them. But I don't think they're actually developing it, I'm pretty sure they don't even remember it half the time. For instance, in the book, even after 500 years of being alive, the Salvatores laspe into Italian, not so in the show! Thanks for commenting :)
(no subject) - eowyn_315 on June 12th, 2011 03:00 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - youcallitwinter on June 12th, 2011 05:32 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(Deleted comment)
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 12th, 2011 11:10 am (UTC)
Haha, I LOVE that this show is the kind that you remember stuff about! I wonder why they changed the base from Renaissance Italy to Civil War America, they must have really decided to overhaul the books entirely, but it definitely worked, the books and the show are an entirely different experience!
Brainzz_Insanee: Elena - Glowingbrainzz_insanee on June 11th, 2011 08:00 pm (UTC)
Lovely! You can do no wrong, great fics and icons! :D Thanks for sharing!!!
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 12th, 2011 11:11 am (UTC)
Look at you always being nice to me :P Thanks so much, I appreciate it!
Florencia: DE (Dream)florencia7 on June 11th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
Gorgeous icons! Your coloring is so wonderful & original. I love it!

As for the Italian thing, I guess it's more from the books than from the show. I'm reading the 1st book right now (btw it is SO unlike the show it's kind of scary LOL) & it is being repeatedly mentioned that Damon and Stefan were born in Florence & Stefan seems to consider Italy his home.
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 12th, 2011 11:13 am (UTC)
'Original' is such a nice word, so much nicer than 'WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU' which is what everyone should be saying :P

Haha, yeah, it's carried over from the books with no real connection in the show (except their father was probably Italian), and you just started reading? By the fifth book, it's just insanely Damon/Elena!
Gabby: katherine dancegabby227 on June 12th, 2011 03:39 am (UTC)
I loved the fact in the books that they were from the Italian Renaissance and I was really upset when they weren't from Italy in the show. Well, I think it's more that that's where their family is from, but I wanted that to at least stay true to the books. Out of everything they changed, that was one of the things that bothered me the most. The other thing was that they took Meredith out - she was probably my favorite character in the books.

Anyway, gorgeous icons hon and I'm probably going to be taking a few. Yay for Caroline icons!
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 12th, 2011 11:29 am (UTC)
From what I've heard they're bringing Meredith back for the third season! I'm still waiting to see how that turns out. You know, I REALLY want to see the kitsune brother-sister pair, they were fascinating supernatural characters because they're not as popular as vampires and werewolves and witches. I want them to include that story arc!

Thanks so much, Caroline is the easiest to icon for some reason, she's so gorgeous :D
(no subject) - gabby227 on June 13th, 2011 03:54 am (UTC) (Expand)
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jane_wanderlustjane_wanderlust on June 13th, 2011 06:20 pm (UTC)
Beautiful icons, as per usual.
And about the fic tic...that's pretty much what I think it is. Granted, I haven't read the books, or scoured research on the resident vamp bros, but I think it's just a theme people like to explore?

Especially, in like ~passionate fic.

It's like the randomness of Puck calling Rachel "Berry" in any/all Puckleberry fics; when, on the show, I don't think he ever did.

A recurring theme.
Who knows?

But ily.
Carry on.
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 13th, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
Thank youu :D

I bet there was some All Fandom Convention on 'Couples Who Call Each Other By Their Last Names Are Hotter', it is such a huge trope. Which is why Granger/Malfoy is like the biggest HP ship there is, haha.

(Deleted comment)
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 14th, 2011 08:51 am (UTC)
Haha, I do love that song, and it was awesome when TVD played it- especially since it suited the scene so well :D I'm glad you found stuff you can use, thanks so much! And Caroline is just plain awesome, she's my favorite, I adore her to pieces!
sunsetdawn20: jenna-klaussunsetdawn20 on June 15th, 2011 01:58 am (UTC)
Jenna I love you.

That's all.

Wow 37 is so angelic.

You make beautiful icons dear.
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on June 15th, 2011 07:29 am (UTC)
Sarah Canning is so gorgeous, I just get sad every time I see her. Hopefully, Jeremy can now see ALL dead people close to him and the show'll be able to bring her back. Thanks so much, I appreciate the comments! :)
Creature Of Hobbit: vicki donovantellshannon815 on July 20th, 2011 10:20 pm (UTC)
Took a Jenna icon, will credit!
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on July 21st, 2011 12:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks :) [OT: I think your name is so interesting! It sounds like a LOST reference; Boone's final words.]
upupa_epops: [tvd] Jennaupupa_epops on February 12th, 2012 02:39 pm (UTC)
I have stolen a Jenna icon :D.
youcallitwinter: be your teenage dream tonightyoucallitwinter on February 16th, 2012 08:30 pm (UTC)
OH MY GOD, now I miss Jenna all over again DD: