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21 November 2011 @ 06:41 pm
This post is having an existential crisis. [TVD Flashbacks 20in20]  



Last post till after the exams, I swear. MUST GO ON A HIATUS. LJ is much too addictive. D:


maybe I will just start shipping Katherine/Damon/Caroline/EvilStefan so they can bitch knowingly at each other forever.
youcallitwinter:  I HAVEN'T THOUGHT ABOUT THIS, BUT OH MY GOD. OT4. Katherine and Damon will occasionally remember they're kind of Caroline's sires and forbid her from dating, and EvilStefan will feel bad for her and invite her to play bloody twister and they'd all obviously have all the snarky dinner times and I WANT TO SEE THIS.

---led straight to crack!fic central. 

Good Old-Fashioned Family Values, in C Minor
Ties That Bind, in C Minor
Thicker Than Water, in C Minor
Where The Heart Is, in C Minor

I want all the fic for C Minor!verse. All the fic. Help me tide over exam blues?

Also, e
verybody is just so ridiculously gorgeous in the flashbacks. I don't think I've ever appreciated it enough D: I kind of had to do this:
TVD Flashbacks 20in20

[20 thematic + 20 extras]



                          10 let us die young, or let us live forever


                               5 ships that pass in the night


                            5 they had lights inside their eyes

Artist's Choice #1Artist's Choice #2Artist's Choice #3Artist's Choice #4Artist's Choice #5

                        20 or should I say, she once had me


                           30 smoke on the water

Downloads: rar file / zip file

           36 when you're gone, all colors fade


Downloads: rar file / zip file

+ Please comment and credit if taking.
+ Please do not edit or hotlink.
+ Enjoy :D
youcallitwinter: and I'm here to get it back from youyoucallitwinter on November 24th, 2011 08:20 pm (UTC)
Haha, oh I still remember what a pleasure it was to be able to beat Australia in its glory days ;) Everyone would be GLUED to their TV sets, and if we won, there'd actually be full blown crackers and parties. We're a cricket-crazy nation, what can I say, heh :D