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09 December 2011 @ 08:54 pm
All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues  

If you've ever, er, wanted me to write smutty (or sort-of, borderline, trying-but-not-really, because-I-suck-at-smut, mostly-just-a-different-name-for-angsty-in-my-vocabulary) Damon/Elena fic, then prompt me! Since junkyatbest and I totally planned out my prompt (hee, very Secret Service of us), I need to fill out a prompt too, but I am so ridiculously terrible at it and I know I'll just botch up all the prompts that already exist, but y'all are familiar with my horrific attempts so I won't mind making you roll your eyes at whatever finally comes up. Actually, if you generally want fic written, prompt here at tvdmixing :D Except you'll have to fill a prompt as well, since it's an exchange system. BUT THE MORE, THE MERRIER, RIGHT?

I've kind of been deferring watching the LOST series finale because I literally do not know what I'll do with my life once its over. D: I'm mostly just sitting around making Game of Thrones icons because I'm supposed to be working on various college projects, so. I also downloaded the first season of Buffy, and I'm honestly all 'BUT WHAT IF IT ISN'T AS EPIC AS I THINK IT WILL BE'? /things that keep me awake at night.

Community's gone till a vague period, and it went out with a bang (and Alison Brie's boobs), SO I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL AND HORRIBLE RATINGS NBC. Also, it appears I'm one of the only people on this planet, but I loved 'Symphony of Illumination' on How I Met Your Mother, and I absolutely do not understand how people didn't. It was a ridiculously amazing episode for Robin, and it reminded me how the show is so much more than what you would initially think it is. And I don't complain about not having met the mother, because that isn't what the show's about. It's about all the things that get you where you were meant to be, and how even a wrong turn or a yellow umbrella is responsible for you being where you finally ended up.

ALSO, FIC RECS, Y'ALL. People have been writing me fantastic fic for their Holiday Fic Requests and I should really make a masterlist for it; I shall keep updating it as more stuff gets written *g* Going chronologically:

It Took So Long (Just To Feel All Right)  | lit_chick08 |  Damon/Caroline | pg-13 | Caroline wishes she had the strength to send him away but Damon just...does things to her.

Why it should be read : because it's angsty and fabulous? No, really, the characterization is brilliant. Exactly the sort of dysfunctionality you'd expect of these kids a century or so later. And Caroline's voice is so heartbreaking D:

A Girl Like You | badboy_fangirl | Damon/Caroline | pg-13 | I've been looking for a girl like you. Not you, but a girl like you.

Why it should be read : This fic runs a fantastic parallel to the fic above, from Damon's point of view. And inside Damon's head is my favorite place to be, even though it's all crazy in here. Caroline/Damon can definitely end up like this, in this co-dependent, we-don't-actually-like-each-other sort-of-relationship.

the tilt of this strange nationjane_wanderlust | Barney/Lily | pg-13 | wanting her is like a constant throbbing inside his skull.

Why it should be read: she wins all the awards for writing me Barney/Lily. And Barney's voice is so, so incredible, I cannot even. It's an incredible look at Barney analyzing why he want to see her naked. Or wants her, period.

a house down the road from real lovejane_wanderlust | Derek/Casey | pg-13 | he's not jealous. He's just...mildly amused.

Why it should be read : Because I'm still trying very hard not to steal that beautiful title? Derek/Casey was my original OTP. I was obsessed with them for more than two years and I've written an insane amount for them; but this? This is my Derek, exactly how I like him; buying prime riverside property in Egypt and snarking his way through totally not being in love with Casey .

The Blood Runs Red Down The Needle And Threadcassiehayes | Damon/Caroline | pg-13 | she hates herself for saving his life when it's the last thing he deserves

Why it should be read : Because it deals with all that canon very nicely glossed over. Caroline is so glorious in this; she's not forgiving, she's not okay, and she's dealing, because she's Caroline fucking Forbes. It takes a canon scene and adds so much more depth through beautiful writing.

a small event in someone else's historyjane_wanderlust | Damon/Caroline | pg | of all the gin joints.

Why it should be read : because the gin joint is a Starbucks. BECAUSE DAMON IS AN ENVIRONMENTALIST (LOLOL IAN). Because Caroline thinks she owns Manhattan. Because Damon doesn’t exactly categorize days in his calendar with Caroline-less calibrations. JUST READ, OKAY?

You Are An Endless Summercassiehayes | Stefan/Caroline | pg | It's one of those drowsy mornings, and Caroline would much rather talk about what it's like to live for 150 years than get out of bed.

Why it should be read : because the title itself screams Stefan/Caroline? And the entire fic carries that utter comfort that I associate with these two. Because they're the only people who'd lie in bed and discuss existential questions. Because they're adorable and hunt bunnies and this is their future /trufax.

dye my eyes and call me prettyjane_wanderlust | Caroline gen | pg-13 | boys like you love me forever.

Why it should be read : because Caroline sees her life through Princess shades, because that's who she is. And fairy-tales can be so utterly horrific. This is such an amazing look at Caroline and her insecurities and her jealousies and her Caroline-ness and all the boys she's loved. Besides everyone knows I'm partial to the fragmented style.

I still have to re-read the last two (I'm late with commenting, sorry guys!) And apart from this, ever_neutral has been writing FANTASTIC character-driven fic, and the pairings include Rebekah/Damon, Alaric/Elena, Stefan/Klaus amongst others and you should really check it out. As has abvj, although I don't know any of the fandom's she's written for as yet, but I do know her and she was one of the most fantastic writers in the TVD fandom while she was still interested in the fandom, so READ y'all. Also, earnmysong's Holiday fics are absolutely fabulous, and SO MANY different fandoms, you need to go over there right now.

[46] Game of Thrones
[26] Mad Men
[44] The Vampire Diaries




+ Please comment and credit if taking.
+ Please do not edit or hotlink.
+ Enjoy!

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youcallitwinter: broadway's got you in its hold right nowyoucallitwinter on December 11th, 2011 10:13 am (UTC)
Haha, I know what you mean, Sawyer is such a fantastic character I cannot even deal with him. I'm actually making everyone around me watch LOST as well, so I usually sit and watch with them to reinforce the epicness. It's like I've started a rewatch without even finishing the series, heh.

Oh, that's the same for me; usually the movies/shows never match up to the book, no matter how good they are. I hope you're able to make it through your self-imposed restriction on the books :D

You're most welcome, I LOVE the holiday season for all the fic it's getting me xD
(Deleted comment)
youcallitwinter: broadway's got you in its hold right nowyoucallitwinter on December 12th, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
Oh, I agree! Through a rewatch you can completely appreciate how tightly the storyline is knit, with things that happened in the beginning episodes becoming important in the sixth season! That's some amazing storytelling! I loved the final season, especially the 'What would their lives be like if the island didn't exist/their plane didn't crash'. Although I did feel it went a bit too heavy on the supernatural stuff, especially since the 'why' of why they're there and why the island needs to be protected is rather hazy (except I still haven't seen the series finale so maybe they explain it better, I don't know), but the other Non Crash storyline was so goooood.

Ooh, I KNOW RIGHT? I keep seeing all these odd ships on GOT and hearing about characters and I'm all "is this book canon??' because those ships haven't so much as been in the same frame in the show itself!!