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[45] Shades of Grey: TVD

Two exams down \o/, and miles to go before I sleep :|

So, I was reading this fic and it just struck me I was relating to Damon a LOT differently than I usually do. So I literally just paused reading, because I couldn’t figure out what was different since he was definitely in character and his dialogue and description was completely Damon (it even had a line about Damon constantly muttering about his Persian rug when he was dragged up the stairs after his Rebekah!torture scene.)

And then I figure out, it was different because I was looking at him through Caroline’s gaze. So everything he did was a little more annoying, and a little more terrifying and a little more hypocritical. Which was kind of epic. Because usually, what tends to happen in fic is that it corresponds to an absolute character (pretty sure I’ve done that myself far too many times); like the character is fixed and attempts to stay in character means that there’s usually an effort to try and replicate the kind of dialogues and actions that the character on-screen performs. While, in first person, second person and third person limited, an absolute character, no matter how “in character” s/he is objectively, would probably mean that you’re undermining the POV you’re applying to the text. And sometimes it’s possible to make your POV narrator feel a certain thing for the character, but to make the reader feel something different towards the same character (esp in romantic-comedies, where the girl who’s narrating might think the guys’s a jerk initially, but you’re supposed to think he’s charming), but in that moment you’ve distanced yourself from the gaze you’ve adopted and added an external view to the proceedings. People, and therefore gazes, are very, very subjective so it’s possible to create characters who are not objectively in character, and yet very much so. Something that would, in general, be OOC for a character, may just be the best characterization in terms of your narrator. And even generally, there is rarely any absolute character or character that is fixed. So nothing is tangibly OOC for anyone as long as the fic/events can justify it. (It’s like if someone had mentioned S6!Willow’s characteristics  in S1 then that would’ve probably been considered ridiculously OOC).

/idk why i have these moments of randomness.

ANYWAY, GO READ (although this is not the same fic which is mentioned above, but y’know):

hyacinth girl by acronymed. SEE, this is why I said this fandom would be epic if all the people who wrote for LWD would just write for TVD D:

But, but, you guys, you must read of little faith (by the same author) because oh my god. THIS IS MY IDEA OF KOL/CAROLINE. THEY WOULD BE SNARKY AND BITCHY AND EPIC AND SO VERY VERY TWELVE.

I have this ridiculous affinity for negative spaces and bright colors in icons. So I forcibly stopped myself and said I would try out something different. (Although, yeah, I still couldn't let go of negative spaces BECAUSE I AM WEAK D:) So, I'm all 'omg what even' about this set. And 'ouch' about the title, but we can't let that book take-over a generally popular phrase. ANARCHY \o/

SHADES OF GREY: 20 in 20

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