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10 June 2012 @ 10:09 am
prompt table and fic meme and stuff.  

I have some time before the next onslaught of exams and I found this lovely thing, so :D Although fair warning, I am terrible at filling prompts, but I hope to write at least a short drabble-ish thing for anyone who bothers to ask, although I'm perfectly capable of just looking at the prompts starry-eyed and wishing someone else would write it, so I could read it.

As for the table, omg, it's too tough and there is NO WAY I'm filling all of it, I'm not that advanced. I shall try and fit the prompts within a category though. Therefore ignore the table if you wish, it's here for the pretty and for everyone to go 'omg, isn't THAT interesting'. Prompt in general as much as you want; I would prefer them to be separate comments for ease of filling them, but that's neither here nor there. I shall try to fill at least one per person!

100 Fairy Tales Prompt Set
001. The fox as shepherd. (ripper!stefan/caroline) 002. Curing a sick lion. (tywin, jaime) 003. The saving blood. (elena) 004. The first to see the sunrise. 005. Learning to fear men.
006. What was whispered in his ear. 007. Blood-brothers. 008. Sin and grace. (stefan/caroline/tyler) 009. The danced-out shoes. 010. The princess in the shroud. (gendry/arya)
011. The girl as helper in the hero’s fight. 012. The youth transformed. (damon) 013. The magician and his pupil. 014. The youth who wanted to learn what fear is. 015. Little brother and little sister. (rebekah/klaus/elijah)
016. Sleeping beauty. 017. Friends in life and death. 018. The bridge to the other world. (harry/luna) 019. The confession. (derek/casey) 020. All stick together. (bonnie, elena, caroline)
021. Beloved of women. 022. The dance among thorns. 023. The devil’s contract. 024. Open sesame. 025. Invisible voices.
026. Her only trick. (damon/elena) 027. The hunter (damon/elena). 028. The lazy boy. 029. The snare. 030. The rhyme.
031. Thank you three times. 032. Why it turned winter. (sansa stark) 033. The spider brings luck. 034. A pound of flesh. 035. Wise through experience.
036. Like wind in the hot sun. (katherine/anyone) 037. The blood that testified to the truth. (jack/claire) 038. The partition of an inheritance. 039. Bargain not to become angry. (elijah/elena) 040. Casting eyes. (gendry/arya)
041. Cleaning the child. 042. Contest in words. 043. The ogre injured. 044. As much as you can carry. (damon/elena/stefan) 045. With his whole heart. (klaus/rebekah)
046. The man who competes with the devil. (klaus/caroline) 047. The girl who ate so little. 048. Sunlight carried into the windowless house. 049. The man takes seriously the prediction of death. 050. Mistaken identity.
051. Fools frightened. (stefan/anyone) 052. Sailing in a contrary wind. (jon/daenerys) 053. Hospitality. (klaus/elena) 054. How wide the world is. (harry/hermione/ron) 055. The girl who patched her apron. (klaus/caroline)
056. The silence wager. (elijah/caroline) 057. The old woman as troublemaker. 058. The girl who does not know herself. 059. The thunderstorm. 060. Staying with a friend in rainy weather.
061. The practical girl. (casey/derek) 062. Keeping up appearances. (caroline) 063. Clean and tidy. 064. Nothing to cook. 065. The dead shall remain dead.
066. A clever boy. (derek/casey) 067. The girl who ran so fast (katherine). 068. Carrying part of the load. (Harry/Hermione) 069. The girl who wanted to be always young. (alex/justin) 070. The first harbinger of spring.
071. Cleverness and gullibility. 072. For the long winter. 073. Know-it-all. 074. Building castles in the air. 075. What should I have said?
076. The forgotten word. (susan/peter) 077. Jealousy (jeff/annie). 078. Two match-makers. 079. Echo answers. (rebekah/caroline) 080. Can’t take a joke.
081. Cards fall from the sleeve of the preacher. 082. The man who will never say thanks. (barney/anyone) 083. The girl who is spinning the thread of fate. 084. Good-bye, you dirty world. 085. 'Who gives his own goods shall receive it back tenfold.' (chronicles of narnia)
086. Three words at the grave. (harry/hermione) 087. Imagined penance for imagined sin. (damon/elena); klaus/caroline 088. A realistic demonstration. (nick/cassie) 089. You shall see me a little while longer. (boone/shannon) 090. Another matter.
091. Too much talk. 092. Wishing contests. (justin/alex) 093. A miraculous escape. 094. Good luck (cranmers/chemistry exam) 095. I knew you were coming. (derek/casey)
096. Unusual hearing. 097. The wishing ring. 098. No time for sickness. 099. The lucky shot. 100. The poisoned apple.


the lonesome all understand | the vampire diaries | damon/elena | he's always been the one to not save her.

for the night is dark | the vampire diaries | katherine | there is only one thing to know about Katherine Pierce.

turning saints into the sea | community | jeff/annie | it's like who he could have been never left the building.

you said the schrodinger equation collapsed perfectly | heh | cranmers/chemistry | of test tube babies and fate.

where the winds hit heavy on the borderline | the vampire diaries | elena, bonnie, caroline | post 3.22 | friends, lovers, or nothing, we'll never be the inbetween.

before you trade in your summer skin | lost | jack/claire | maybe it's something their father left them.

still the sea is salt | game of thrones | jon/daenerys | she thinks it's fitting to meet by the sea when the world is about to end.

stay a while, and maybe then you'll see | the vampire diaries | elena | at the end she begins again.

and the bible didn't mention us | the vampire diaries | stefan/caroline/tyler | she loves most those long days of summer.

the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | “You’re dead,” she informs him, because maybe he’s forgotten. Which would be so like him.

all we know is falling | game of thrones | gendry/arya | he has never had a sister and sometimes he thinks this is what it would be like.

the map is not the territory | the vampire diaries | damon (/elena; caroline-bonnie-rebekah) | Damon Salvatore, ladies and gentlemen.

you could be my original sin | the vampire diaries| klaus/caroline | this is not the story you think you know.

as the moon was rising in your eyes | harry potter | harry/luna | it is such a terrible affliction to not be able to dream, you know.

then you come crashing in | life with derek | derek/casey | something soft, haunting. something that would say we can't and can't we all at once.

stay a while, and maybe then you'll see | push | nick/cassie | the second time she gets drunk, they've just caught up with Kira in London.
youcallitwinter: things we now knowyoucallitwinter on June 19th, 2012 08:13 pm (UTC)
the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | 1/4


“Seriously,” she says, “this is ridiculous, okay. Move on.”

He stretches his legs, the sand settling down over hers, “I don’t know, I kind of like it here, Shan. You don’t own the world, you know.”

“No,” she puts her foot down literally, and she did own his world, okay, she owned him, he was hers, “everyone already thinks I’m crazy. Jack’s still looking over here with that Serious Doctor Look because I’m apparently sitting here and talking to myself.”

He grins; it’s that quick half-smile that sometimes made her heart race when she was twelve and he was the only guy around who looked at her just so, before she knew they had dictionary words and medical conditions for relationships like that, “but you’re not talking to yourself. You’re talking to me. Granted, with the amount of talking you do, it’s always rather one sided, so technically, I suppose you could be said to be talking to yourself, but—”

“You’re dead,” she informs him, because maybe he’s forgotten, which would be so like him because he was always a bit like that, forgetting the important stuff and remembering all the stupid details, “this isn’t normal.”

He looks at her a long time, and she drowns somewhere between her words and his eyes, “but then, you know, when have we ever been normal?”

She looks out at the endless sea. Doesn’t answer.


youcallitwinter: the lonesome all understandyoucallitwinter on June 19th, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | 2/4


“Fuck you,” she says, and wishes she could throw something at him that wouldn’t just pass through.

Because she doesn’t deserve to be the only one hurting. Shannon knows she’s not a very good person in the whole karmic scale of things, but this is not fair.

“You already did, remember?” he strings his fingers through her hair like he used to when she was nine and if she closes her eyes hard enough, she can feel the pull.

“Funny,” she says, “so fucking hilarious. Please applaud the dead guy everyone.”

“Still a grade A bitch, I see. Not like anything huge happened to change it.” she can’t stand the affection in his tone. He’s not even supposed to be here, especially not making stupid jokes that went out of fashion circa 300 B.C.

“Fuck you,” she says again, lamely.

He grins and it’s so familiar it makes something inside her chest clench painfully, “That’s twice in two minutes. I’m starting to think it’s not so much a standardized expression as much as an exposition of a desire.”

And she wants him so badly. Has always wanted him so badly. Wants him even when he strings together sentences like he invented the dictionary. And she hopes to god he never knew that. That she at least had that, even though she lost everything else.

And even though it’s useless, she throws something at him anyway because he crossed her limit two weeks ago when he fucking died and she’s not going to be sympathetic here.

It hits Pablo or Paulo or whatever-the-hell his name is, who looks at her oddly. She can’t bring herself to care.



“If I pay you, will you leave?”

He’s longing around, blocking her sun, except the sunlight filters right through him and it would be interesting if it wasn’t so fucking creepy.

“You’re doing this wrong,” he says, half to himself.

“I’m sorry, what? Do you have an opinion on something? Do you have the right to an opinion on anything right now?”

“I said,” he sits next to her, she flinches, “you’re doing this wrong. In the bargaining stage, you’re supposed to be bargaining with God or Universal Energy or The Powers That Be or whatever to bring me back, not pay me to go away. Which, I might add is an impossible proposition because you have no money. And I’m dead. Just by the way.”

(here’s something she won’t tell him: she stopped believing in the powers that be when he died. She stopped believing when he died.)

“Except I want you gone, so.” Sayid talks to her in soft tones and tells her random stuff about grief and moving on and it’s ridiculous, because she never even liked Boone much, she totally moved on like six hundred hours ago.

“All you have to do,” he crosses his arms behind his head for dramatic effect because he’s Boone fucking Carlyle, diva is like his part-time occupation, “is stop imagining me.”

She knocks the nail polish over, the red staining her skin. And if she was, she doesn’t know, say, him, she’d write poetry about metaphors and fate or something, ("don't mistake accident for fate", Jack would tell her, but she Jack's not the boss of the universe as much as he'd like to be), “I’m not imagining you.”

“No,” he says, and it pisses her off that he hasn’t moved, “of course you’re not. This is totally normal post-death procedure.”

She isn’t imagining him. Goddammit, this freaking island in the middle of nowhere has polar bears and invisible monsters and endless sea and anything can happen here. Boone’s obviously a ghost or just stuck here or something. He’s still here. She’s not, like, crazy.

He’s not gone.


youcallitwinter: our time is nowyoucallitwinter on June 19th, 2012 08:16 pm (UTC)
the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | 3/4


“Nor dread nor hope attend,” she quotes, looking up at the stars, because she’s apparently the sort of girl who does this now. Anyway, it’s the only line she remembers from her AP English class. She doesn’t know who wrote it, but it was titled Death. She remembers that.

“Careful there, Shan,” he’s lying beside her and it’s dark and she remembers the night he made love to her because that night was dark too, “people might start thinking you’re deep. You don’t want that to happen. God forbid, you might actually start helping out instead of tanning on the beach all day. And then the rescue boat will come and you’ll be just half-baked.”

“Shut up,” she slurs, “you’re not here.”

“No,” he says easily, “not really.”

“You left me,” she says, because she doesn’t think she’s said it yet and it seems to be an important thing she forgot to say.

“You’re drunk,” he states instead, “couldn’t ever handle it.”

“Please,” she scoffs, “I just pretended I couldn’t because it was hilarious seeing you getting all hot and bothered about whether to take advantage of the situation when I leaned close. God, was there ever a time you weren’t in love with me.”

He doesn’t answer, but then again, he doesn’t need to.

“You left me,” she says again, because maybe he didn’t hear the first time and it’s important somehow. She’s too drunk to know why, but she knows it is. Always has been.

“You left me,” she says for the third time, and it hits her then, that maybe she can’t function without him because he was always there whether she wanted or not, holding everything together and maybe she’s nothing without him. Maybe she was only ever as much as he made her; sister, friend, lover. And now he’s gone, and she’s nothing.

“I know,” and maybe he’s holding her while she cries but she just wants him to get the fuck away because he fucking left her, “I know.”


youcallitwinter: bad moon risingyoucallitwinter on June 19th, 2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | 4/4


 “Wait a moment,” she says to Sayid. Sayid, who always waits for her, whenever she asks, no matter how many times she asks.

She pulls Boone behind the trees like it matters, because it should matter, “seriously, are you spying on me now?”

He holds both his hands up in a gesture of surrender, “I was just leaving.”

“Good,” she snaps, “because—”


He’s looking at her inscrutably, and no, he doesn’t get to do this. Not again. Not over and over.

“You can’t leave,” she says, “not until I say so.”

He looks over at Sayid and she thinks something like you don’t need me now, or maybe he thinks it and she just knows because it’s them and she always knows. Or maybe it’s because he’s her hallucination and they share the same brain or whatever. But he’s still hers, either way.

And she wants to tell him he’s wrong. It isn’t about the guy-in-her-life and not needing him. Because there’s always been a guy in her life. She’s always been that sort of a girl. And he’s still always been there. She’s always needed him.

He laughs and it’s so unexpected, she turns to look at him, “knew you loved me.”

“Shut up,” she says, god—yes—always—how could you possibly—please— she doesn’t say.

He shuts up, but he still has that half-smirk on and she wants to kiss him so badly, she thinks she may kneel with it.

“I need to go,” he says instead, and no he’s already gone, he doesn’t need to do anything. She thinks his hair is a shade darker than it used to be. Or maybe a shade lighter. She can't remember. She can't fucking remember.

“Not till I say so.”


No,” she says, and she’s hysterical and hey, maybe she really was crazy all this while, who would’ve thought.

“I won’t leave,” he says, quietly.

Maybe he means he can’t leave, but she doesn’t care. But then again, that was always the thing about Shannon Rutherford— she’s selfish. He should know that by now.

“I’ll be back,” she says stupidly, god, she’s so stupid.

(Here’s the thing: she’ll always be back.)



"you can't go today."

He doesn't answer, but he's still here and maybe that's answer enough.

She wraps her hands around her knees, the sand pushing in between her toes. She's lost today, but maybe she'll be okay tomorrow.

She'll let him go then. Tommorow. Maybe.


fluffyfrolicker: elenafluffyfrolicker on June 20th, 2012 02:22 am (UTC)
Re: the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | 4/4

(I will return with coherent thoughts some time tomorrow when I'm actually coherent, it's almost half past 4 in the morning here, and ohmygod, it's almost half past 4 in the morning here.)

youcallitwinter: btvs - b/d - sistersyoucallitwinter on June 20th, 2012 07:41 am (UTC)
Re: the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | 4/4
Hahaha, I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU FOUND THIS FIC THOUGH :D But also, lol, good sleep (I've taken to sleeping at like 5 every day and WORST DECISION EVER, don't do that!)

ALSO, THAT GIF IS LIKE MY FAVORITE SHANNON/BOONE SCENE? IDK, I love it so much. Because it says so much about them that he takes the trouble to fix her SUNGLASSES, for no other reason than that she wants a pair? guh, these two <3
fluffyfrolicker: elenafluffyfrolicker on June 20th, 2012 10:02 am (UTC)
Re: the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | 4/4
I wrote a huge comment that somehow my browser killed :D

To be short and to the point, BOONE/SHANNON are amazing and THIS IS AMAZING.

Sad, but funny and thoughtful and SOOOO Boone and Shannon and the ending breaks my Shannon loving heart.

OOH, random Buffy episode on TV :D MUST WATCH :D
millepertuismillepertuis on June 20th, 2012 05:05 pm (UTC)
Re: the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | 4/4
THIS. It's perfect, everything's my favourite. You just capture them so flawlessly, especially Shannon and her insecurities. We didn't get enough of their relationship on the show, so it's really nice to explore her own neediness toward Boone, with this in particular, that I absolutely loved:

And she wants him so badly. Has always wanted him so badly. Wants him even when he strings together sentences like he invented the dictionary. And she hopes to god he never knew that. That she at least had that, even though she lost everything else.

“You can’t leave,” she says, “not until I say so.”

Just so you know, I think this line kind of broke me.

He laughs and it’s so unexpected, she turns to look at him, “knew you loved me.”
“Shut up,” she says,
god—yes—always—how could you possibly—please— she doesn’t say.


ever_neutral: lost ~ boone + shannonever_neutral on June 23rd, 2012 09:42 am (UTC)
Re: the five stages of | lost | boone/shannon | 4/4
You do these things to hurt me.