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this is my journal, icon post if i want to.


(very misleading gif folks, no indication that it's going to lead to the worstest scene ever.) 

Hello I love everyone in this bar

So I hadn't made an icon post in very long and I keep making icons and not posting them -- which must be in contention for some sort of world record for The Most Futile Activity Of All Times -- so I was all like: I MUST POST. So here we are. I'm usually very conventional with coloring but I tried not to be? D: Bewarned, randomest fandom grouping of all times and they're pretty much all -ve space because who am I. I cannot believe I made Boy Meets World (who are we kidding; Cory/Shawn) icons. What is my life even. BEST SHOW OF ALL TIMES BTW, AND I'VE SEEN ALL OF IT NOW \o/. Also, I know everyone has brand new friends now because of the friending memes (which I totally didn't participate in at all because I suck at keeping up as it is D:) but also, *insert Breakfast Club Theme Song*--- which is don't you forget about me for the uninitiated.) MY METAPHORS ARE VERY METAPHORICAL SOMETIMES. 

f102 f56 f78 f42
f22 f11 f97 f76

[72 icons] categories: suits / the good wife / emma watson / audrey hepburn / buffy the vampire slayer /
 angel: the series/ the vampire diaries / once upon a time / boy meets world

suits | glee | emma watson | audrey hepburn

 f50 f61 f98   f102 f100

audrey hepburn | the good wife | angel 

23 f41 f10  f7

angel | buffy the vampire slayer 

f11 f3 f62 f15 f66

| buffy the vampire slayer |

f56 f7 f54 f59 f6

 buffy the vampire slayer  | once upon a time

f34 f4 f56 f67 f85

| once upon a time |

f14 f3 f78  f83 f106

| once upon a time |

f25 f3 f97 f79 f87  

once upon a time | the vampire diaries |

f26 f31  f17 f22 f15   

| the vampire diaries |

f4 f7 1 12 24

| the vampire diaries |

9 f19 f42 32 27

the vampire diaries | boy meets world

f20 f21   f63 f76

| boy meets world |

f92 f69 f43 f71 f95

| alternates |

 f9 f36 f99 f26 
 f77 f81 
f94 f96 f88 f16

+ Please comment and credit if taking. + Please do not hotlink.
+ If you want to edit for personal use, like exposure or color or something, go ahead!
Tags: darwin married his first cousin, fandom: boy meets world, freud probably has a theory on it, icon make puns, icons, icons: angel the series, icons: boy meets world, icons: buffy the vampire slayer, icons: once upon a time, icons: suits, icons: the good wife, icons: the vampire diaries, in soviet russia post tags you, jesus am i actually shipping this?, john hughes didn't pen your life story, macdonald just sound right, machiavelli was not machiavellian, patron saint of doomed ships, rec: videos, the brat pack is my legit angsty bff, this show broke me trufax, what even is my life?, what. even.
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