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12 December 2010 @ 07:02 pm
[fic] child, you're a woman now.  
What is wrong with me, how do I manage to choose the wrongest ships in every fandom? And I hadn't even thought of RPF's till yesterday, and today I've written one, Like, what even is this? And I'm definitely going to some special place in hell, but I can't help it, they're just so cute together. D: This was supposed to be Ben/Georgie, but my excessive love for Peter/Lucy seems to have made this a Will/Georgie too.


child, you're a woman now
chronicles of narnia rpf | ben; georgie/ben; will/ben, anna, skandar
post voyage of the dawn treader | pg-13 | 2400 | oneshot
“she’s fifteen.” he says, blankly, because someone’s completely missing the point here, and he’s fairly sure it’s not him.

All he can think at the moment is that he’s really not in the mood for this. Just, no.

Possibly the guy notices; it isn’t as if he’s been particularly subtle about the fact that he’d rather not be giving an interview at one in the morning, after an entire day of premieres and functions and way too much dressing up. Not to mention the fact that he’s missing a drinking session with the guys to talk about how absolutely fulfilling it is to almost drown in a fake fight in very real gallons of cold water.

“Just one last question, Ben, and then we’ll be done here.”

“Sure, no problem, go ahead”. He can do fake-polite now, he’s been in the industry long enough.

“So,” there’s this gleam in the reporter’s eye and he knows the look, it’s pretty obvious; it’s the ‘relationship status’ look. He’s been getting them since Prince Caspian and the off-textbook kiss— “So, Ben, is there something going on between you and Anna…”, “Is it true that you had dinner with Miss Popplewell on…”, “Really, Mr. Barnes, ‘just friends’? Isn’t that a little…”, “What are you views on the alleged relationship between William Moseley and Anna Popplewell? Is there any tension on set because of…”

He schools his features into blankness; the last thing he needs is a photograph of him looking longingly at the closed door, behind which he can still hear the post-midnight celebrations, interpreted as something entirely different with a screaming caption of ‘Prince Caspian’s Unrequited Love”. Jesus H. Christ.

“I think all our readers are interested in knowing what exactly is the nature of your relationship with Georgia Henley.”

“We’re just…wait what?” Because there is no fucking way in hell he just heard what he thought he did.

The guy looks at him like he’s daft, “Are you dating Ms. Henley? You guys have been photographed pretty often looking pretty…close.”

Georgie?”  As in sitting-on-his-lap, telling-him-school-stories, getting-excited-about-theme-parks, almost-asleep-at-eleven Georgie?

The guy looks uncomfortable, like he knows he’s done something wrong but still can’t see it, the idiot, “uh, I just— it’s been a rumor, so I thought I’d clarify for our readers’ benefit, but…”

“She’s fifteen.” He says blankly, because someone’s completely missing the point here and he’s fairly sure it’s not him. “Fifteen.” He repeats again, just in case the significance was lost the first time.

“We are aware of that, it’s just…”

“It’s over,” he says quietly, because he’s not going to go there, he’s absolutely fucking not going to go there, “thank you for the interview. It was a pleasure meeting you.” He knows he’s going to get trashed in the article the next day but he can’t bring himself to care about it. There was a line which that guy crossed approximately twenty miles back.

He goes to sleep instead, even through the free-flow of beer and the much-too-loud sounds of much-too-drunk people.

And doesn’t dream. Not really. Well, at least nothing that he’s not wishing he’ll have forgotten before waking up.


“Why didn’t you come last night?” Skandar looks like he hasn’t slept all night, which is because he probably hasn’t.

“Tired,” he mumbles, “the interview dragged on too long.” And immediately wishes he hadn’t mentioned it because it’s not something he particularly wants to think about.

“It was awesome,” Skandar turns back to his plate, “Will got drunk and kissed Anna and she pushed him away and he fell against the table and cut his head a little. Bet everyone’s glad the reporters weren’t around for that. It’d never have died down.”

“Yeah,” he’s only half-listening, “where’s Georgie?”

Skandar shrugs, “she wanted to ‘party’ with us and stay awake and get drunk and stuff but she was out by twelve. I can’t wait to say ‘I told you so’ in the most obnoxious American accent I can pull off. She’s probably getting dressed or something.”

“Or maybe she’s already dressed and can’t wait to out-drink you tonight.”

Ben turns around, she looks at him and smiles widely, “hey, you. You weren’t there last night.”

“How would you know,” Skandar manages to say through a mouthful of bread, “he might have come after your beddy bye…you know, at twelve.”

She glares at him, “Skandar Keynes, you better watch it or else I’ll tell everyone about how you held that glass of sprite and pretended it was neat vodka for two solid hours.” she turns to Ben, “Oops. Looks like I already did. Too bad, eh?”

She’s smiling in a pretend-evil way, absolutely delighted at her own comeback and he’s not looking at her lips. He’s definitely not. At all.

“I had a good night,” she links her hand with his and he resists the urge to pull away because that would be monumentally stupid, “but it’d have been better with you.”

He doesn’t read the innuendo because there isn’t one, and in his head he’s already killed that goddamned reporter thrice. Painfully.

If he was thinking about it at all- which he isn't- he’d have thought it odd. Because it’s not like she looks any different than she did yesterday. Her skirt was always this length and she’s always held his hand this tightly, it’s just…it’s like now that he’s thought it, he can’t…un-think it. Like every time she smiles at him he reads something more. Every time she touches him, he thinks something more. More that he’ll never admit to. Even to himself.

Then she sits on his lap, just like every other day, and he thinks he might die.

“You kissed me, you jerk.”

“Miss Popplewell's dulcet shrieks are today's breakfast accompaniment, I see,” Skandar comments to nobody in particular.

Will and Anna enter together, he’s rubbing his head almost unconsciously and by the looks of it, she’s having an apoplectic fit, “Christ, Anna, it was a mistake, alright. Cut me some slack.”

“Oh, really,” if her voice was any more laced with sarcasm, it’d make a good tranquilizer, “you mean like you accidentally slipped and your lips just happened to land on mine? That sounds like something out of a straight-to-DVD-movie that you’d have done.”

“Burn,” says Skandar under his breath, picking up the paper. Ben doesn’t say anything, mostly because he’s not sure he can, not while she’s sitting on him.

“You kissed her?” Ben looks at Georgie and for that one moment he can see the flash of the woman that she almost is.

Will looks at her too, “I was just really, really drunk.” And it almost sounds like an explanation. Or an apology. Or maybe Ben’s just thinking too much about it. And her. And he really needs to get back to normal, because this? Definitely not it.

“What’s that supposed to mean, William Moseley? That you’re only capable of kissing me if you’re ‘really, really drunk’?” Anna looks outraged, Skandar mostly looks amused, but maybe it’s something in the news.

Will groans, sitting down “it’s heads you win, tails I lose, right? I’m just going to shut up now. And it isn’t as if I haven’t been adequately punished for it, the scar’s going to take ages to heal.”

Georgie shifts a little in his lap and he bites back a groan and kills the reporter for the fourth time in his head, “you’re hurt? Where? What happened?”

“Anna. Push. Will. Table. Head. Bang. Explosion,” Skandar sums up, turning the page, "or not. But every story is better with explosions, so.

Will looks straight at her and maybe he’s reading a lot more into it but there’s something too…much about it, “kiss it and make it better?”

Georgie gets off him, walking over to Will like an obedient child, and in that moment he feels irrationally angry.

She pushes Will’s hair off his forehead and kisses his scar softly, and it takes him almost three second to realize that he’s staring. And that he’s the only one staring because it’s so common, no one else so much as registers it. Will pulls her onto his lap, his arms around her waist and he clenches his hands in irritation. He wants to tell Will that she’s too old for this now. Or maybe just too young.

Skandar laughs suddenly, “There’s your interview, Ben. They asked you that? I can’t believe they asked you that.”

“Asked him what,” Anna grabs a muffin from the table, “something scandalous?”

“I’d say,” Skandar snorts, reading out, “blah blah blah, what exactly is the nature of your relationship with Georgia Henley.”

Anna and Skandar turn to look at Georgie, Will turns to look at him, and maybe there’s something in that, but he won’t overthink it because that way lies madness.

“Let me see that,” Georgie snatches the paper from Skandar, her eyes running rapidly over the written words, Will reading over her shoulder. And Ben wants to say something. Like how it’s completely and utterly ridiculous and that he’s never considered it at all and how he couldn’t possibly even imagine thinking about her like—

“It’s outrageous,” it’s Will. Of course.

“Really?” says Anna, glaring at him, but evidently that’s still for the previous night’s incident, “I think it’s kind of hilarious. They’ve moved on from me and so obviously they had to latch onto the only other prospective female in the cast.”

“She’s too young to get into all this at this time.” Will’s still looking at him, his eyes hard, and if he could, Ben would’ve laughed right now, because, oh, so he’s not the only one here who’s completely out of his fucking mind, “and with Ben. It’s ridiculous.”

“Hey,” says Georgie indignantly, getting up “I’m right here. And you obviously don’t remember being fifteen if you think I’m ‘too young’ for this. Besides Ben’s a perfectly nice guy.”

He almost can’t breathe then, because he doesn’t want to hear this. The only way he can get over this, whatever this is, if he doesn’t think about her thinking about those things. For him, she’ll always be too young for love, too young for sex. He doesn’t want to think about her being anything but that little girl with the merry eyes who’d accosted him on his first day on the set and told him she was very pleased to be working with him.

“It’s not about Ben being a nice guy. It’s about him being way too old for you.” He’ll tell Will to stop being so obvious, that he’s pushing this way too hard, but then maybe he’ll be just as obvious.

Georgie looks at him  from underneath her lashes in a rare moment of coquetry; the way that an uncountable number of girls have looked at him before and in the moment he can’t remember a single one. Then her face falls, “calm down, Your Magnificence, it’s obvious what Ben thinks of the entire thing. ‘She’s fifteen’. Like, what is that even supposed to mean? I don’t so much as deserve the classic ‘we’re just friends, really’ line? Oh no, she’s just a kid, I can’t think of her sexually at all; thanks a lot, Ben.”

He draws in a sharp breath, and above the sound of his own pounding heart, he can hear Will do the same. And he knows how ridiculous this is, How utterly ridiculous. She’s old enough to say it of course, all false bravado and oh-hey-did-you-hear-that, but she has no idea what it means beyond the words. And he’s not going to be the one to tell her, teach her, anything.

Anna laughs, “aww, Georgie. It’s just a matter of years, hon. Before you know it, you’ll be paired up with every eligible guy you act with. And every uneligible guy you act with. Believe me, it’s not fun.”

“This is the oddest conversation I’ve ever had,” Skandar declares, “and Will P.’s on the set, so that’s saying something.”

“It’s just,” she looks vulnerable, it's not a word he's ever associated with her, “I’ve been the youngest on the sets since forever, and, well, it’s sort of…interesting to read all the speculations about you guys inter-dating, even though I know they’re not true. I mean, it’s nice to think that people who just watch you on the screen care about you enough to worry about something as trivial as that. Doesn’t it make you feel…you know, sort of sexy. Wanted. I mean, Will kissed you last night, and if there was a report on that, they’d have married you off in two years in it. And if he’d kissed me,” Ben doesn’t look at Will because he doesn’t need to, he already knows, “they’d still have talked about how we're totally like real siblings. It’s like I’m asexual or something.”

“Okay,” Skandar gets up, “that was my teenage angst quota for the day, I need to save some for the actual shoots. I’ll be off. Possibly go throw a bucket of water on Poulter, he’s still sleeping, the lazy thing.”

“You’re not asexual,” he hears himself say and he’s surprised, and he thinks he should shut up about now, but mostly he doesn't think at all, “you’re beautiful. And very, very desirable.”

“I second that,” says Will quietly, getting up, “I’m going to be very jealous when all the guys you act with are going to be drooling over you and looking at you like that.” Like what? Like he looks at her?

It sounds something like a secret, or like a confession. Too much like a confession, and as Anna looks between them, her expression blank, he thinks maybe she realizes. Or maybe she doesn’t, he can’t tell.

Georgie laughs, high and clear, “Yeah, like you two didn’t just say that to stop me talking about it.” She links her hand through Will’s and drags him alongside her to him, linking her other hand with his, “Okay, I’m done with the emo fit. Next time, you have my express permission to bind and gag me if I get like this.”

His grip on her tightens as the images flood and he feels sick, which he probably is; and he thinks he won’t be able to sleep tonight, which he probably won’t.

He looks at Will, and maybe that’s what he looks like too, desperate, and just wrong.

“I wish you were really my older brothers,” Georgie whispers, as she leads them out “I don’t have any and I think I’d have liked it.”

He excuses himself then, just as Will leaves her hand.

And she won’t see them till the evening now, when he’ll be just a little drunk and there’ll be some girl with hair the same color as hers on his arm and Will shall kiss Anna again because she has eyes like this other girl he knows.

And she’ll smile; still young enough to be amused, and old enough to be just a little bit jealous. But mostly she’ll try staying awake to show Skandar but she’ll fall asleep before it’s even one and they’ll both look at her a little too long and she’ll never know.

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sesquipedalitysesqui_pedality on December 12th, 2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
oh wow. This was amazing. I love the way you handle the age difference, and it still manages to be unbelievably hot. I really like him and Will being aware of how they both like her, too. I want to see a sequel with them being awkwardly colluding to conceal it from her.

And if you think this pairing is unusual, I have some recs for you...
youcallitwinter: quinnyoucallitwinter on December 13th, 2010 11:13 am (UTC)
The age difference is KILLER. It's like...it makes it sort of hot (yes, the highway to hell is on the right) but also really difficult to imagine and/or write. How DO you make a twenty-nine year old man thinking about a girl that age, y'know, not pervy? So I'm glad you thought it was fine, cuz I banged my head about it. And there'll probably be a spin-off or something, I feel like writing them :)
I think I might have read all Georgie/Ben and Georgie/Will stuff available BUT YES PLEASE, RECS!
peskywhistpawpeskywhistpaw on December 12th, 2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the handbasket! We will be departing for hell shortly! XP

Hee. But really. I think Ben/Georgie is kind of my guilty pleasure pairing. (I've read exactly two fics for it. XD) Like the comment above me said, I love the way you've handle the age difference. That last line is particularly wonderful.
youcallitwinter: jalex movieyoucallitwinter on December 13th, 2010 11:17 am (UTC)
Oh, I have first class tickets! All my incestuous ships, that one student/teacher AND NOW THIS ensured that. :P

I don't even know, I didn't even realize that I could possibly like them till, like, two days ago and now I'm looking up fic and videos and pictures, like wtf even is this? I always think that a pairing like this needs lots of exploration in fic, and whenever I write something like this, it's always unrequited because I'm lazy and I don't write them long enough, so the characters can DO something about the UST, lol. Glad you liked it :)
L.C.: narnia; ben (dorian gray)likecharity on December 12th, 2010 11:55 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, I like this.

That whole interview thing was totally realistic because PEOPLE PROBABLY DO ASK INAPPROPRIATE QUESTIONS LIKE THAT IRL, and Ben's reaction was exactly how I imagine it'd be. And Georgie's reaction sort of made my heart hurt because that seemed terribly realistic too - that she's insecure that way and wants them to look at her like that, not to be seen as "asexual", and that she doesn't understand why they can't feel that way about her (or admit that they do!).

I also really like Skandar throughout the whole thing because he was hilarious, and so...HIM. And all their bickering was wonderful, haha. AND I also liked Ben's whole internal struggle against his desires when she was holding his hand and sitting on his lap and everything. THAT'S ALWAYS GOOD. SEE YOU IN HELL. ETC.
youcallitwinter: aliceyoucallitwinter on December 13th, 2010 11:29 am (UTC)
I WANT TO READ AN INTERVIEW THAT DOES. It's not like I've been googling stuff like Georgie/Ben dating at all. Nope. But I'm glad you thought it was realistic, that made me happy! I think it's always hard to be the 'kid' in a company of (let's face it) immensely attractive people, esp when you're fifteen and your hormones are in overdrive. And it's like, I've seen so many pictures of Will and Georgie hugging, or her sitting on his lap and she's young and they're happy, but how does it stop? Who gets to be the one to say 'hey, um, I don't think we can do this anymore' and then how do you not think of that. Because it's obvious that that attraction is going to come in sometime. And with Ben, the thing's equally delicious. He's been giving interviews about her 'growing up' and IDEK IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

L.C.: narnia; ben & georgielikecharity on December 13th, 2010 05:53 pm (UTC)
THIS IS SUCH A GOOD POINT. Because Georgie always used to sit on their laps and stuff and she's the kind of person who would just...still do that, at her age, and probably not think anything of it, but everyone else is probably going to be wondering whether it's appropriate or not, and it's just...really interesting to imagine how that would go.

pipsapplepips16 on December 27th, 2010 06:19 pm (UTC)
I'm already riding on the pedo-perve train to hell, so yeah, I am totally down with this. After all, what is one more nail in my coffin? ?^_^

Anyhow, needless to say I liked this. You captured the uncomfortablness of the realization very well. She's desirable to them both and yet at the same time, off-limits because she's just /that/ old. It's bittersweet in a way that's a little touching which is oddly creepy of me to be thinking that way. Sigh. Anyhow, excellent job. :)
youcallitwinteryoucallitwinter on December 30th, 2010 07:35 pm (UTC)
Hello, and welcome aboard, we shall be departing for the seventh circle of hell shortly :P
But honestly, they're just so cute, I couldn't help myself! It must be hard to see a litte girl you've known all your life grow up into a woman. But it makes for fic, so :D Thanks so much, hope everything's going well with you!
pipsapplepips16 on December 31st, 2010 11:23 am (UTC)
I guess it must be. It puts you in that uncomfortable place of not really knowing how to react. But as you say, it does make plenty of fodder for fic. I'm spiffy and I hope you are doing excellent! Good luck with the exams. :)
missmollymay on March 1st, 2011 04:16 am (UTC)
oh my god
youcallitwinteryoucallitwinter on March 1st, 2011 02:38 pm (UTC)
Re: oh my god
I KNOW, RIGHT? It's like so, so wrong but there's just seems to be so much possibility (which we're pretty much inventing in our heads, but still!) and I can't stop loving them either D:
Glad you liked it :)
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