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fic masterlist;

[alphabetic. completely updated; 167 + counting, i.e. crazytown]

Boy Meets World

lay this fire to rest. angela/cory; mentions of cory/topanga, shawn/angela. pg-13.
He’s Cory Matthews, rationalizing things is practically his unique selling proposition.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

for i have measured out my life with coffee spoons. buffy (/spike /dawn /angel /apocalypses). pg.
she’s saved the world sixty five point four three times.

russian roulette. dawn/spike. r.
say you love me, say you don't.

Camp Rock

almost lovers always do. shane/caitlyn. pg-13.
if you're keeping count; she first saw him on a tuesday.

Chronicles of Narnia

afterglow. lucy/peter. pg-13. she's sixteen and she's much too old.


a song of innocence lost. jeff/annie. r.
she carefully avoids stupid, disney terms like "make love’'.

confessions of a selfish man. jeff/annie. pg-13.
basically, it’s long legs versus an annoying need to make the world a better place.

flash forward to december. jeff/annie. pg-13.
she's a drunk feminist. She's Britta.

of all the gin joints. jeff/annie. pg.
sometimes (and technically that's already a lie) she thinks about him.

turning saints into the sea. jeff/annie. pg-13.
jealousy kind of does that.

we'd set the fire to the third bar. jeff/annie. pg-13.
he's pretty sure Annie had thoroughly misinterpreted the 'Not Meant To Be' signboard that the universe was hitting her with.

Game of Thrones

all we know is falling. gendry/arya. r.
he has never had a sister and sometimes he thinks this is what it would be like.

still the sea is salt. jon/daenerys. pg-13.
winter is coming. It is rather fitting, if redundant at a time when winter has arrived.

to know how men breathe. robb/sansa. pg-13.
there is no yielding here, “we are not the Targaryens.”


reach out and touch someone. rachel/sebastian. blaine/sebastian. rachel/blaine. blaine/kurt. r.
Like he's playing so many parts at once that he's starting to burn out or something. Mixing roles, emotions, cues. Feeling all the wrong things at all the wrong moments. — In which Rachel is insecure, Blaine's jealous and Sebastian is...Sebastian.

this city is for strangers. will/rachel. r.
when it comes to her, it's like he never graduated high school.

something to talk about. will/rachel. r.
this isn't what it was always like.

Harry Potter

and everywhere the ceremony. ginny/harry(/hermione). pg.
consider this: you are eleven and you are in love.

as the moon was rising in your eyes. harry/luna. pg.
the boy who lived and the girl who lives; it is a terrible affliction, you know, to not be able to dream.

homes, places we've grown. harry/hermione. pg.
the girl with the brown eyes.

pour a little salt, we were never here. harry/hermione; ron/hermione, harry/ginny. pg.
what happens isn't particularly epic, or even tragic. What happens is stupid; they just grow up. That's it, that's the whole story.

these accidents of faith. harry/hermione. pg-13.
mostly he doesn't look for deeper meanings.

Life With Derek

a study in desire. derek/casey. pg-13.
someone should really look into naming a pathological condition after her.

absolution of gravity. derek/casey. pg-13.
and here you thought winning a competition together might actually make them get along in dance class.

and she was. derek/casey. pg.
and the letter which his only sister had pressed into his hands that read "Smerek, you're an idiot. Sincerely- Smarti".

dare you to move. derek/casey. pg-13.
you're such a hypocrite, beautiful.

days like these. derek/casey. pg-13.
sometimes, she really doesn't get him.

definition of normalcy. derek/casey. nc-17.
to find your sister doing...that...had to rank off-the-charts on every embarrassment scale.

Dissolution. derek/casey. pg-13. multi-chapter.
he's never heard of Mark Twain, and he's been flunking geography continuously since fourth grade. So what are the chances he’ll get ‘Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt’?

Distraction. derek/casey; derek/sally. r. multi-chapter.
it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday she'll understand that.

endless rain into a paper cup. derek/casey. pg-13.
peanut butter and love, sort of.

everybody wants to rule the world. derek/casey. pg-13.
he was a boy. She was a girl. Could he have made it any more obvious?

fractured pieces of symmetry. derek/casey. pg-13.
this night will remain with you as surely as if it were branded onto your skin.

how to play charades. derek/casey. pg-13.
the thing to know about him is; he's always been clueless. Like that movie Casey likes so much. The one in which those step-siblings get together.

last thursday's girl. derek/casey. pg-13.
it's a boy, a girl and an endless loop.

like today never happened. derek/casey. pg-13.
you always were such a convincing liar.

made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter. derek/casey. pg-13. multi-chapter.
"what are the real estate prices inside your head? In spite of all the crazy, I think it might actually be a nice place to live in; secure, happy, completely freaking oblivious."

makes a cathedral. derek/casey. pg. emily/derek; derek/casey.
this is how you make meaning; you take two things and try to define the space between them.

my life would suck without you. derek/casey. pg-13.
parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

road to nowhere. derek/casey. r.
five fantasies Derek has definitely, positively, absolutely never had. Really.

sore must be the storm. derek/lizzie. pg-13.
it's tradition.

stars, i have seen them fall. derek/casey. pg-13.
he didn't deserve to be ahead of her in anything. What gave him the right to be the first to die?

sunlight through the broken glass. derek/casey. pg-13.
See, here's what really happened (he needs to tell the story, because if Casey gets in on it first, she'll somehow make it all about her and this is not about her, so).

the sound of silence. derek/casey. r. multi-chapter.
it's only when she's left his room, and he's lying awake, aching for something he can't explain, that it occurs to him; she hadn't said his name.

the starting line. derek/casey. pg-13.
"why do you care?" He does. N't. Doesn't. Wait, what was the question again?

the story of a proposal. derek/casey. pg-13.
in which Derek makes completely innocent sentences sound dirty.

the weight of water. derek/casey. pg-13.
because sometimes, it's that easy.

then you come crashing in. derek/casey; derek/oc; casey/jesse. pg-13.
it ends like these things always do: with that one guy who's in love with this other girl and first hearing about it from Edwin of all people.

ties that bind. derek/casey. r.
what it says on the can.

what you call winter. emily/derek; derek/casey. pg-13.
he burns her sometimes (and sometimes he makes her glow).


as a second language. season six alternate timeline. jack/claire. jack/his issues. r.
she's crushing on him, he knows, like his son is crushing on her, and they're both too young to know better.

before you trade in your summer skin. jack/claire. pg-13.
he doesn’t know her favorite color, or her first heartbreak.

factor in your shades of gold. boone/shannon. pg-13.
he realizes it in the most underwhelming way possible.

follow the lights that line the streets. juliet/sawyer. pg-13.
our memories are attics in those houses on the hill.

the five stages of. boone/shannon. pg-13.
you’re dead,” she informs him, because maybe he forgot. Which would be so like him.

some may go liquid. boone/shannon. r.
this is his default setting, she knows; when he's not damning himself to hell sleeping with his stepsister, he's making the world a better place. or; Shannon Rutherford and the art of getting by.

the secret's in the telling. boone/shannon. r.
listen closer; it starts like this.

Peter Pan

the girl who did. peter/wendy. pg.
this is how long forever lasts—

you seem to turn into everyday words. peter/wendy. pg-13.
being lost can only really be the beginning of being found.


stay a while, maybe then you'll see. nick/cassie; nick/kira. pg-13.
the second time she gets drunk, they've just caught up with Kira in London.

The 100

a mirror, dimly. post season one finale. raven/bellamy. finn. r.
in the dark, she's taking shots at your heart, she's got it to an art, and this is how you fall apart.

a basic field guide to getting lost. post season one finale. raven/bellamy. clarke. r.
Insanity, she's heard, is doing the same things over and expecting different results. Which, well.

(and everyone knows we aren't) meant to be. season two. wick/raven. pg-13.
“which is it,” there’s moderation in the tilt of his head, like he’s assessing her, “does it keep them out, or keep us in?”

beyond the pleasure principle. indefinite period post 1x12. raven/bellamy. finn. r.
it starts as comfort. she needs it, and maybe he has some to spare. which is the hero version of the story.

caught up in your love affair. indefinite period post 1x11. raven/bellamy, raven/finn, finn, clarke. r.
sleeping with Bellamy was strange in a way that sleeping with Finn isn’t.

i'll play dead, and you can stay. post 2x08. raven/bellamy. r.
but he’s not the mechanic. He can’t fix this. [interlude; a thousand ways of making it through the night.]

one of your french girls. season two. raven/bellamy, wick/raven, raven/her issues, clarke. pg-13.
If she were a nicer person, she'd probably be taking this better. Or; Raven fights, kicks. And survives.

set your ransom at the cheapest price. post season one finale. clarke/bellamy. r.
I'm tied to the tracks. But I don't need you to rescue me. I need you to be the train.

the complete guide to insufficiency. indefinite period post 1x11. raven/bellamy, finn, clarke, octavia. r
"Don't read between the lines, shooter," she says, matter-of-fact, "just read the lines."

The Flash

all the broken hearts in the world still beat. iris/barry. pg-13.
the thing is; now that she’s thought it, it’s not like she can just go back and…unthink it.

how to operate a polaroid camera. iris/barry. pg-13.
see, the deal with being in love with your best friend is that it’s so much easier in the movies.

(make up a thousand excuses just to) run into you by chance. iris/barry. pg-13.
here's something he's learned; falling is easy. The jump- the jump is the hard part.

revolution, someday. iris/barry. pg-13.
and, for a moment there, he could have sworn he was infinite.

your dirty mouth, full of honest lies. iris/barry. pg-13.
although what she actually meant to say was you asshole, and she’s never quite realized till now how exhausting it is to love someone so much.

The Good Wife

the season of your best intentions. cary/kalinda; cary/dana. r.
Dana glances at him far too knowingly, far too often, “your girlfriend stopped by.”

we still are made of greed. cary/kalinda. mentions of nick/kalinda. cary & alicia. pg-13.
"it's the Law, not the Bible." his Evidence Law professor had repeatedly told them, "don't mix your metaphors."

The Hunger Games

waiting on the world to change. katniss/peeta. r.
it's so obvious, it doesn't bear iteration– she leaves his hand first.

The Vampire Diaries

a catalog of non-definitive acts. klaus/caroline. pg-13.
you're too pretty to let your own feelings interfere with my viewing pleasure.

a road trip for absolution. damon/elena. pg-13.
"where were you when they taught Patriarchy 101 at school?"

and the bible didn't mention us. stefan/caroline/tyler. r.
she thinks she loves most those long days of summer.

and the rest you can keep. elena (/stefan /damon). pg-13.
there is a dark-haired boy on one side of the door, and there is a dark-haired boy on the other side of the door, and there is a door.

and the world spins madly on. damon/elena. pg-13.
she pretends it never happened, he pretends he doesn't care it did.

scarborough fair. damon/elena. pg-13.
it's weird that he always makes her feel like that.

but the world may end tonight. damon/elena. r.
moments when he wonders how exactly he became that guy.

finding neverland. damon/caroline. pg-13.
a man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her.

for the earth is hollow (and I have touched the sky). damon/multiple. r.
there is only one rule in this world, brother.

for the night is dark and full of terrors. katherine. r.
the only thing to know about Katherine Pierce.

forget the silver screen. damon/caroline; caroline/her issues. nc-17.
tonight will be different, she decides.

from what i've tasted of desire. stefan/caroline/tyler. nc-17.
"I am going to fix you," she announces.

hit heavy on the borderline. bonnie, caroline, elena. pg-13.
friends, lovers, or nothing, they'll never be the inbetween.

how to save a life. elena. pg-13.
her life, it’s a book in reverse.

if you keep building these walls. stefan/caroline. pg-13.
It’s a stupid thing to fixate on, he knows, when she’s long gone, but she hadn’t looked at him at all.

in despite. stefan/caroline. pg-13.
how to break rules 1-100 of the girl code.

ipso facto. damon/elena. pg-13.
add it to the list of things they never talk about, let it fill the air a little more.

it's a long way down (to the place where we started from). damon/anna. pg-13.
they meet again, fifty miles south of nowhere.

just a little less conversation. stefan/elena/damon. r.
i'm sorry it's such a lousy story.

love, i get so lost sometimes. damon/elena. pg-13.
hates him for making it sound like those sickeningly broken moments were some sort of grand farce.

nobody stays in this place anymore. damon/elena. r.
these days, she looks in the mirror and sees Katherine.

not swallowed in the sea. damon/elena. pg.
“so, any particular reason why you're tearing out your wildly exciting Diary of Anne Frankenstein?”

park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor. elena. pg-13.
i want to be a bottle blonde.

she left her heart in georgia. stefan/elena; damon/elena. pg-13.
someday she'll figure out that she's trying so hard to not be Katherine, she's almost not Elena.

sit down, shut the door. damon/elena. nc-17.
"this isn't who I want to be," she says.

someday this will be a story. damon/caroline. r.
fact is; forever is a long time.

the first beat to the flat line. damon/caroline. r.
it's typical of his life; just as everything goes straight to hell, Vampire Barbie decides to play doctor.

the abc of growing up. caroline gen. pg-13.
the thing is, basically, she can do a lot of things now. Like Fight Crime and bring the Bad Guys to justice and be the Savior of The World and the Scourge of Evil.

the blower's daughter. damon/elena. r.
he's concentrating on the sound; the broken spaces between each letter of whoever's name it is this time.

the lonesome all understand. damon/elena. pg-13.
he's always been the one to not save her.

the map is not the territory. damon gen (/elena /caroline /bonnie /rebekah). r.
Damon Salvatore, ladies and gentlemen.

the minor fall, the major lift. damon/elena. pg-13.
the snapshot of an almost relationship.

(this is a form of) letting go. damon/katherine. r.
"slept with your transference issues yet?"

this is the story. damon/elena/stefan. r.
of the boys who loved you.

with the words of a love song. elena/stefan/damon. r.
"I'm dead, technically," she shrugs. She's technical these days. She's also kind of dead these days.

you didn't grow up to be brigitte bardot. klaus/caroline. pg-13.
she wants to major in history, and go to feminist rallies, and parade across a ramp and do everything ever.

you could be my original sin. klaus/caroline. pg-13.
this is not the story you think you know.

you'll never know what it means. damon/elena. r.
the first time is exactly what you'd think it would be.

your flag on the marble arch. damon/elena. r.
and the fact that he can’t stop looking at her just makes it twenty different shades of pathetic.

your ribs are cages. stefan/caroline. r.
something flashes in her eyes, and for a moment he thinks it’s disgust. Thinks something like god, yes, good.

The Wizards of Waverly Place

armageddon. justin/alex. pg-13.
anyway, it's not like she's ever really believed in symmetry.

sixty seven degrees of separation. justin/alex. pg-13.
maybe she should have taken the Beatles way out and told him she just wanted to hold her hand or something.

sounds of a playground fading. justin/alex. r.
she occasionally likes to believe that the actual indifference itself surpasses even the effort to be indifferent.

Veronica Mars

any given tuesday. veronica/logan. pg.
don't be a cautionary tale tomorrow.

but i haven't thought of you lately. veronica/logan, logan/lilly, veronica/duncan. nc-17.
or five times Logan Echolls did not want Veronica Mars. At all.

calculus of a single variable. veronica/logan, wallace, keith, mac, piz. pg-13.
"you're often tied up. I rescue you, sometimes.”

hypertext. veronica/logan, weevil, wallace, mac, cassidy, dick. nc-17.
she thinks sometimes he tries to keep her together with just his hands and dry sarcasm. | The summer of becoming.

i knew you were trouble when you walked in. veronica/logan. veronica/piz. logan/oc. keith. wallace. nc-17
but she had, somewhere along the way, in some secret corner of her mind, convinced herself that was all he was; a high-school romance. Explosive, powerful, passionate, and bound to burn itself out eventually.

just like the robinsons' affair. veronica/logan, wallace, mac, keith, cassidy, dick. hard r.
"I'm not Caitlin Ford," she snaps, once. | The summer of breaking down up.

the dictionary definition of. parker/logan, logan/veronica, veronica/piz. r.
in·ti·ma·cy  /ˈintəməsē/ It breeds familiarity. Or love. Maybe love.

they don't make morning after pills for this. veronica/logan, wallace, cassidy, mac. hard r.
he leans against the door; "you could let me love you sometimes, you know." | The summer of forgetting.

warsan shire's poetry for women who are difficult to love. veronica/logan, duncan. pg-13.
It ends, of course, eventually, that seems to be the general course of things— summer, in reverse.

you can't save anyone. veronica/logan. pg-13.
she doesn't think she's seventeen anymore.

you give love a bad name. veronica/logan, veronica/duncan, logan/logan, aaron. pg-13.
"do you have a setting that automatically defaults to 'jackass' when I'm around?" | In which Logan Echolls is, well, Logan Echolls.

your life will not flash before your eyes. veronica/logan. duncan. r.
season one summer. Veronica does normal. Logan does self-fulfilling prophecy.

Veronica Mars [The Movie]

can make a good man turn bad. post season three- movie canon. veronica/logan. r.
an unofficial guide to the Twelve Step Program. (Or; plausible deniability as a second language.)

down on the corner of first and amistad. post movie. veronica/logan. r.
"let's go to Mexico." If it makes any difference; he doesn't actually mean to say that.

get out while you're young. post movie. ensemble; veronica, logan, piz, wallace, mac, keith, weevil. pg-13.
[in which nine years is not bygones.] Having Veronica back is kind of like- like entering an alternate timeline. Everything looks the same on the surface, sure, but then you hear Mad Men got cancelled after the first season, and it's like, oh. [life after, in six snapshots.]

gravity is gonna keep you tied down to this city. post season three- post movie. veronica/logan, keith, parker, piz. pg-13
[your life in extended parenthesis] the lone neon nights and the ache of the ocean, and the fire that was starting to spark. From the love to the lightning and the lack of it.

how to hold your breath underwater. pre movie. veronica/logan; veronica/piz. pg-13.
honestly, it wasn't a lie, exactly, everything she's felt, said, done, all this while; it's just that—

don't give your lover up tonight. pre movie. veronica/logan; carrie/logan, cliff, dick. pg-13.
rumor around town is- she's gone for good. He doesn't know what good means, but maybe it's a given descriptor, considering it's Veronica Mars somewhere at a distance, far, far away. That definitely sounds good to him.

no rest for the wicked. post movie. veronica/logan, mac, wallace, keith, dick. pg-13.
she doesn't so much as get a Welcome Back, Veronica brochure detailing how to do adulthood in your childhood home in seven easy steps! Which seems a gross oversight on the universe's part, if you ask her.

no true war story is ever moral. alternate universe: world war ii. veronica/logan, duncan, dick, piz. r.
"you know how some people plan weddings, honeymoons, housing schemes- I had planned a lifetime of getaway cars with you."

september ends. post movie. veronica/logan. r.
“You’re still talking,” she notes, “don’t you have any setting that’s ‘vibrate only’?”

would i be the better life you led. post movie. veronica/logan. pg-13.
or; Veronica does sexy. Badly.

you moved to montreal to be closer to france. post movie. veronica/logan. pg-13.
she sometimes thinks of calling him up and saying, the ocean is starting to look affordable to me now, and isn’t that stupid.


and everything you touch turns to gold. k-pop. kai/krystal, kai/taemin, taemin/krystal. r.
"Let's start a band," she says. Anyway, everybody knows this; origin stories are overrated. [70's coming-of-age AU. Inspired by the Daisy Illusive pictorial.]

an honest living. angry mom. kang ja/bok dong. pg-13.
he actually meant to tell her that school’s so much better now that this ahjumma is not wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform and encroaching on his territory and generally ruining his days fourteen ways from monday. And he doesn't miss her at all.

been a fool for lesser things. shut up! flower boy band. hyunsoo/yaerim. pg.
"can I love him, though?" she can't remember if she signed that away in the contract as well.

could stick around (and get along with you). k-pop. iu/gd. pg-13.
And now she'll have to publicly get over someone she never even had. He gets it. These days, he can't not get it. He’s the poster child for a twenty first century break-up. or: Jiyong and the how-to primer on accidentally moving on.

do not choose sides yet. shut up! flower boy band. woo kyung (/ji hyuk /do il). r.
you can be the dragon, that's okay, he still gets to be the hero.

just don't go chasing waterfalls. the producers. cindy/seung chan. pg-13.
one of these days, Cindy wins. The United Nations gets involved.

oh, and it's contagious. the producers. cindy/seung chan. pg-13.
it sort of works, till it doesn’t. And that takes about a full fifteen seconds. (Or; Cindy does moving on. But mostly doesn't.)

(so tell me when you can) fake it for the airwaves. k-pop. gd/iu. r.
If all he needs to get over his stupidly broken heart, is a song, a song with an artist who always scores higher than them on the digitals anyway, then, well, that’s a bullet averted. (Or: Jiyong's got a dark alley and a bad idea.)

the feel-good hit of the summer. k-pop. iu/baekhyun, iu/chanyeol, chanyeol/baekhyun. pg-13.
She thinks then, oddly enough, of her high-school math teacher whom she hadn’t even particularly liked: a triangle is the most stable of all geometric shapes.

this is how you make meaning. reply 1997. joon hee/yoon jae (/shi won). pg-13.
he can't allow for anticipation, because that messes up the equation, that brings an order, it brings the illusion of possibility to an impossibility.

the miseducation of. the heirs. young do/bona (/kim tan). pg-13.
tan has always been a fool for love. young do knows this.

the thirty-eighth parallel. the heirs. young do/eun sang. pg.
she cuts her hair in the winter. (it makes him pause for a moment. he hadn't even realized he was still looking.)

try not to look so young and miserable. who are you- school 2015. yi an/eun byul, tae kwang/eun bi, yi an/eun bi, tae kwang/eun byul. pg-13.
He hates this about her, he wants to tell her, the pretence, the bravado. That she's acting like he's stupid, like it's all in his head, as if he hasn't memorized every turn of her body, can't measure the exact distance between them, doesn't know her avoidance intimately. Like he hasn't spend years doing just that.

you must atone some. boys over flowers. ji hoo/jan di. r.
geum jan di. she's resilient. like grass. like a weed. that's a bad analogy, that's a common analogy.

you're a cautionary tale in the making. we got married. jonghyun/yewon. rpf. pg-13.
In retrospect, this is his first mistake. Jonghyun falls, sort of.


in glass houses unbuilt. community/veronica mars. veronica/logan; jeff/annie. pg-13
"My girl's a PI," the guy said with exaggerated pride, "does yours come with any special features?"

the salt wound routine. community/veronica mars. veronica/logan; jeff/annie. pg-13
Maybe it was a definitive character-trait or something that she hadn’t yet realized she had; this inability to stop projecting. She’d apparently been projecting the Annie-of-it-all onto Jeff Winger’s ridiculously sculpted chest all year.


all your perfectly delivered lies. bollywood. deepika/ranbir. pg-13.
the fact is: the person more in love, loses. he's not an asshole, he's honest.

child, you're a woman now. chronicles of narnia. ben/georgie; will/georgie. r.
“she’s fifteen.” he says, blankly, because someone’s completely missing the point here, and he’s fairly sure it’s not him.

could be a running montage of deferment. vampire diaries. joseph/candice. pg-13.
golden hair draped across the black ink. He could dream of her if she let him.

look at the night. vampire diaries. ian/candice. r.
"yeah", she says, "wouldn't want to ruin that smouldering, sex god thing."

crack!fic (no, but, seriously)

the c-minor verse, a.k.a. the greatest verse ever.

good old-fashioned family values, in c-minor. damon/caroline/stefan/katherine. r. unoshot.

ties that bind, in c-minor. damon/caroline/stefan/katherine. r. youcallitwinter

thicker than water, in c-minor. damon/caroline/stefan/katherine. r. unoshot

where the heart is, in c-minor. damon/caroline/stefan/katherine. r. youcallitwinter

the one where i am an insane flister.

you said the schrodinger equation collapsed perfectly. cranmers/chemistry. pg.
test tube babies and the fate of the world.

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