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your basic trojan model of goddesses.

"you can't help that", said the cat, "we're all mad here."

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Call her Zoe.

21. Spends most of her time existing. Not exactly sure whether she's ever actually evolved beyond that focal point.

Maybe someday.

Gifted by the fabulous  aibaxsho
Made by wildrosedragon @ faded_graphics






Mood theme by kohler

Textures by bttrfly_kiss.umbra_creat.aube_des_arts.ellaangelus.colorvary.midnight_road.sakuraswirls.gallicka.longerthanwedo

Also, most of the gifs that I use to make animated icons are absolutely, completely and totally not mine. So for credit where credit is due, the sites I generally use are:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Stylesheet by kuribati/beatcrusher
a few good men, alex russo, an education, angel/cordelia, angel: the series, angst angst angst, answer me 1997, archie/veronica, barney/lily, ben barnes/georgie henley, bffs, blaine/rachel/sebastian, bob dylan, bob seger, boone/shannon, boy meets world, boys over flowers, buffy summers, buffy the vampire slayer, caroline forbes, caroline/klaus, cary/kalinda, casey mcdonald, christopher pike, chronicles of narnia, community, conspiracy theories, cruel intentions, dakin/posner, damon/caroline, david/ruby, dawn/spike, derek venturi, derek/casey, don mclean, doomed love affairs, doomed ships, draco/hermione, elena gilbert, elizabeth wakefield/conner mcdermott, elizabeth wakefield/sam burgess, fanfiction, feminism, firefly, flavored lipgloss, game of thrones, gendry/arya, glee, hana kimi, harry potter, harry/hermione, hermione granger, himym, hook/aurora, hyunjoong, icons, jack shephard, jack/claire, jacob/bella, jason dohring, jaymay, jeff/annie, jenny/danny, jesse st. james, jihoo/jandi, jo/laurie, jon/arya, joss whedon, juliet burke, juliet/jack, juliet/sawyer, just william, justin russo, justin/alex, kalinda sharma, katniss/peeta, kim hyun-joong, kol/caroline, life with derek, lilah morgan, lindsey mcdonald, little women, logan echolls, logan/veronica, lost, louis litt, lucy/peter, mal/kaylee, michael seater, mike/jenny, modern family, nakatsu/mizuki, nick/cassie, oasis, once upon a time, ot3, peter pan, peter/wendy, philip ardagh, playful kiss, politics, push, quoting, rachel/jesse, reply 1997, richmal crompton, rider strong, roald dahl, saki, sebastian/rachel, shane/caitlyn, sharpay/troy, shawn hunter, shawn/cory, simon & garfunkel, spike, stefan/caroline, suits, sweet valley, the beatles, the doors, the good wife, the history boys, the rolling stones, the social network, the vampire diaries, theorizing, veronica mars, veronica/logan, violet elizabeth bott, will/rachel, william brown, william moseley/georgie henly, william/violet elizabeth bott, wizards of waverly place, writing, xander/willow, yoonjae/shiwon/joonhee, zoe/mal

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